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While tuberculosis isn't what we would normally consider an acute disease such as diptheria; it was just as infectious and contagious. Tuburculosis is an infectious disease that attacks the lungs. The germs that cause tuberculosis are spread through the air. Tuberculosis can be spread by an infected person to another person by coughing, laughing, sneezing, singing, and talking. Repeated contact is unusually required for infection. Tuberculosis is usually spread between family members, close friends, and people who work or live together. Tuberculosis is spread most easily in closed spaces over a long period of time.

More efforts were probably made to combat tuberculosis and to separate its sufferers from the public then with the other diseases. It did however kill quite frequently and spread rampantly in the days when people stayed more to the family and in their homes. If one member had it, usually more did. It was a common belief that a house that had had tuberculosis in it was no longer fit to live in. Many of these homes were burned down. A family would always burn the clothing/bedding of a person who had died from this disease. Consumption is an archaic term used to apply to tuberculosis, as the lungs are "consumed". People can even today harbor the tuberculosis germ in their blood, but never suffer from the disease; they cannot however donate blood under any circumstances.

The listings below show: Name/Date/Area/Submitter

Name Date of Death Town/Twp County Submitted by
Flora LOCKHART 10-24-1918 Harrison twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Margaret A. ALBERSON May 1850 Montgomery twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Sarah K. MODRELL Mar 1850 Montgomery twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Elizabeth BULL Oct 1850 Montgomery twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Martha A. VARVIL June 1850 Montgomery twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Elizabeth C. PAYNE Mar 1850 Montgomery twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
William M. MODRELL Feb 1850 Wayne twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Frederick SAPP Mar 1850 Lafayette twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Rachel CASH Oct1850 Marion twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Greenup BRIANT Feb 1850 Adams twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Ellen K. GLASSCOCK Jan 1850 Madison twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Simon JOHNSON Aug 1850 Madison twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Elizabeth C. LEACH Oct 1850 unknown MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Archibald WHEELER Dec 1850 Adams twp MORGAN Debbie Jennings
John JONES 2-1-1892 Quincy OWEN Debbie Jennings
Mrs. Bessie Griffith 9-1-1906 Coal City OWEN Debbie Jennings
Mrs. Will NEILL 2-8-1892 Clay twp OWEN Debbie Jennings
Mrs. Sarah STULTZ 2-20-1880 Freedom OWEN Debbie Jennings
Mrs. Sallie A. JOHNSON 2-13-1880 Freedom OWEN Debbie Jennings
John CHAMBERS 2-16-1880 Spencer OWEN Debbie Jennings
Robert ROLLINS 1-10-1917 unknown PUTNAM Debbie Jennings
Stella ALLRED 7-14-1919 Martinsville MORGAN Debbie Jennings
Emory Franklin BAIN 7-22-1941 Mooresville MORGAN Debbie Jennings
David SKINNER 5-31-1921 Spencer OWEN Debbie Jennings
Minnie QUERRY 9-2-1926 unknown OWEN Debbie Jennings
Isom McGUIRE 10-26-1923 Spencer OWEN Debbie Jennings
Thomas J. BROWN 1-5-1911 Patricksburg OWEN Debbie Jennings
Charles FRANKLIN 9-4-1918 Patricksburg OWEN Debbie Jennings
Carrie (Willard) NORRIS 3-1-1889 Arney OWEN Debbie Jennings
William Roy NORRIS 3-5-1895 Arney OWEN Debbie Jennings
Henry Burnet RAMSDELL 2-3-1858 Martinsville MORGAN Debbie Jennings


Debbie Jennings