On the evening of November 6, 1928 the following ladies:

Mrs Maude Farmer

Mrs Mae Lowry

Mrs Minta Snider

Mrs Mabel Brown

Mrs Zella Clearwaters

Mrs Grace Arendt

met at the home of Mrs Grace Arendt in Cloverdale, Putnam county Indiana and organized the Tuesday Club.

The officers elected that night were:

President----Mrs Mae Lowry

Vice President----Mrs Minta Snider

Secretary----Mrs Zella Clearwaters

Treasurer----Mrs Maude Farmer

Press Correspondent----Mrs Grace Arendt

Club Flower----Sweet Pea

Club Colors----Royal Blue and Gold

Club Motto----"Unity in Diversity"

On November 26, 1928 it was voted that the Club meetings should be held the first and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

The object of the Club was for the social good times together and always to render to the community service whenever possible.

With this object in mind the club consisting of its quota, sixteen members, prospered.

The Tuesday Club became federated on April 14, 1936.

1939 Membership Roll

Mrs Virgil Branneman

Mrs Forest Burke

Mrs Fred Farmer

Mrs Ralph Fry

Mrs Pleasant Heavin

Mrs Ralph Hunter

Mrs Guy Kennedy

Mrs Herschel Knoll

Mrs Lucille McCullough

Mrs Hubert Morrison

Mrs Virgil Rogers

Mrs Hubert Sherman

Miss Lois Sinclair

Mrs Minta Snider

Mrs Harold Staley

Mrs Leland Trippett