February 14, 2022

It appears that one thing after another has been getting in the way of my research in the past year or so. I have absolutely got to get things together and get back into things again.

I backed off of my research after dad passed away- but I am trying to get back into it and have suceeded for the most part. I will be working on updating this website currently. But as I am working now, it might take a little time; so be patient.

I encourage contributions of data or photos. I have changed my email to debbiejennings53@gmail.com.

If you should find a bad link it would help if you could send the page and link to me as I may have overlooked it.

As many of you know the Rootsweb mailing lists have ceased to exist. I am trying to get a page for us on facebook, so keep your eyes opened. It will simply be called Sweet Owen.

My own personal researching is currently concentrated on the surnames of CARTER, GOSS, LOCKHART, MANNAN, RATTS, SECREST and TRUAX. I will, of course continue to collect data on all the surnames that I have my name listed under in the surname sections. However, the above listed names are the ones that most strongly connect to the CARTER surname of my book.


If any of you researchers have an idea for a section of data that you would like to see covered, please contact me and I will get to work on it. Any submissions are still certainly welcome.