December 4, 2014

It appears that one thing after another has been getting in the way of my research in the past year or so. I have absolutely got to get things together and get back into things again.

For those of you that are interested, Dad is in a nursing home currently and plans are for him to return home in about 2 weeks. Hopes are high that this will be a good thing as I am not entirely certain just what care he will need. I, of course, reside in middle Tennessee and he is in Indiana so I cannot be there first hand. I am however relying on my children of which I am fortunate to have and that are very good about handling the details up there.

I will attempt to be revamping this website or at the very least adding data and information..so if anyone has anything to contribute, please feel free to send it.

You may send it to one of two different emails. Either debbiejennings53@gmail.com or debjennings@dtccom.net.

I was truly not aware of just how far I had let this go until I sat down recently to view it. I must apologize for this action.


We are entering winter and for many of us that means cold winter days and nights...wind blowing and days of snow and staying inside. I love using this time to sort through all the info and data that I collected during the spring and summer months under the blazing sun in the cemeteries. I like going through my piles of paper and getting everything categorized so the next spring I have plenty of room in my file cabinets to "go get more stuff".

I try (REALLY I DO) to eliminate papers that I don't need anymore. I try to filter through things that I have hung onto for years and have never found any place that they fit. Unfortunately I usually find some reason to justify holding on to them.

I urge many of you to look through the sections on "Getting Organized" as I know all too well just how hectic and messy the research desk can become. For any new researchers, please check out "Getting Organized" as well as "For the New Researcher".

I have for quite some time been trying to compile a book of my research. My initial thought is to sort this into various surnames. Currently my surname of main work is CARTER...this however ties so strongly into many others. I feel that if I don't do something with all this data then it was pointless to spend these years collecting it.

My own personal researching is currently concentrated on the surnames of CARTER, GOSS, LOCKHART, MANNAN, RATTS, SECREST and TRUAX. I will, of course continue to collect data on all the surnames that I have my name listed under in the surname sections. However, the above listed names are the ones that most strongly connect to the CARTER surname of my book.


If any of you researchers have an idea for a section of data that you would like to see covered, please contact me and I will get to work on it. Any submissions are still certainly welcome.