The first religious services in the township were held at the private residences by the Christian denomination, known as the New Lights and the Baptists. Among the early preachers for the New Lights were Elders John Henderson, Joseph Berry, Conrad Kern, and Perseus Harris. Among the early Baptist preachers were John Jones, Solomon Dunnegan, and Samuel Holmes.


Little Mount Baptist Church

This church was in the northern part of the township, and was organized in the year 1823 by Rev. John Jones. Among the early members were James Baldwin and wife, John Wilson and wife, Benjamin Mugg and wife, John Mugg, Sr. and wife, John Mugg, Jr. and wife, John Asher and William Truax.

Meetings were held in a schoolhouse for two years at the end of which time a frame house of worship was erected on land donated by James Baldwin and John Wilson. This building stood for a period of twenty years and was replaced about the year 1846 or 1847 by the present edifice, which occupies the same lot. Among the pastors and stated supplies of the church were Revs. Solomon Dunnegan, Leroy Mayfield, Benjamin Arnold, John Mugg, Thomas Roberson, M. McNutt, __ Terry, F.D. Bland, and others. The society was at one time the strongest Baptist Chruch in the county and had a membership of over 100 persons; but owing to removals and withdrawals to sister churches the membership has decreased very rapidly and in the middle 1880's the organization was in a very weak condition. It is the mother church of the congregations at Gosport and Quincy and many of its early members are living in various parts of the United States.

Sunday School

The first Sunday school in the township and perhaps the first in the county was organized as early as the year 1824 or 1825, at what is known as the Big Spring by a Presbyterian family from the East, by the name of Reed. Mr. Reed was sent to Indiana as a missionary by the Presbytery of Philadelphia and in an early day organized what is known as the Bethany Church in Montgomery township, one of the oldest, in not the oldest religious societies in Owen county. The Sunday scholl ws conducted principally by Mrs. Reed and two widow ladies, namely; Mrs. Young and Mrs. Doughty, relatives of the Reeds. It was not conducted upon a sectarian basis, for a few years after its organization we learn that its warmest friends were the Baptists and Samuel Holmes, one of their preachers, was an enthusiastic teacher. The school was kept up for several years and did a great deal of good in the community.

(Although a part of Wayne township, the Gosport church histories will be found under the section of Gosport churches.)