Website Creator/Coordinator

February 17, 2022

I feel I know a great many of you personally but of course I don't.

Many of you write me offering words of praise for "the staff"; so I felt that I would introduce you to "the staff" on a more personal level.

First of all, "the staff" is ME, just little old me so this shouldn't take much time to get through.

My name is Debbie Jennings and I am married to my second husband, Chuck, a very patient man who fully supports all my genealogical endeavors. Chuck is a truck driver allowing me the double bonus of being able to ride with him and visit areas of research as well as free time at home to pursue my researching when he is gone.

I am 51 years old and have three grown children; Jason, Joseph and Wendy. All three of my children reside in Indiana. Most of my paternal family remains in the Owen, Morgan and Putnam County areas.I am the grandmother of six living grandchildren; Micheal, Brittany, Noah, Ivy, and of course the twins, Bridget and Emily, and the latest edition is little Anna. As many of you may know we lost infant Andrew in 2003. I am also fortunate to have a great uncle who is extremely well versed in Owen County family history as well as a father who is actively researching there as well.

After several years residence in Indiana, I now reside in middle Tennessee. I have several deeply planted roots in the counties covered on this website. I try very hard not to let the fact that I am not in Indiana affect the quality of my research. I make about 2 trips back home each year. I grew up with my parents researching during the mid 1970's. I myself have been seriously researching in the family for the past 14 years.

The family surnames that I research are many:

In Owen County-- Asher, Baldwin, Cain, Carter, Combs, Dalton, Duncan, Edwards,Evans,Goss, Herbert, Jones, Knoll, Langdon, Lockhart, Massey, McCullough, Modrell, Mugg, Murphy,Rumple, Sandy, and Truax. There are others, but these are the main ones I research.

In Morgan County-- Baldwin,Bloucher, Brummett, Carter,Goss,Grounds,Guy,Knoy, Lockhart,Mannan, Ratts, Secrest, Shuler,Shumaker,Stierwalt, Voshell, and Warthen.

In Putnam County-- Bradshaw, Carter, Smith, Sweeney

So, as you can see, I have many ties to these areas. My ancestors were in these areas as early as 1820. They later quite frequently migrated back and forth between our three counties in addition to Parke County.

I have in the past spoken to several of you on the phone regarding our various areas of research. I just really enjoy being able to do this. There have been many, but the ones that readily come to mind are: Donna Needy, Nancy White, Nancy Amos, Anita McEnulty, Roger Brown, and Dixie (Kline) Richardson.

Many of you I converse with on a rather regular basis as our family lines seem to cross quite often: Mike Dean, Jackie Truax Jones, Nancy White, Nancy Amos, Alan McCullough, Roger Brown, Judy Hightower and Pete Ross.

I put together this website as I felt that in the counties of Morgan, Putnam and Owen there was a definite void for the raw data that all researchers need.This website is my way of giving back to the researchers that have assisted me in the past. I just really love learning about all the aspects of my ancestors lives, not just the names and dates, but the style of living as well.It is my personal goal to keep this website out of the hands of the paysites out there on the internet.

My favorite pasttime is doing my research of course, with walking cemeteries coming in a close second. My other hobbies include quilting, cross stitching, cooking, playing the piano and sewing. I read extensively and I am a committed collector of cookbooks (old and new), antiques, as well as lighthouses.I am also a Civil War enthusiast. As time allows, I also do research for others.

Chuck and I enjoy fishing,boating, flea markets, camping,traveling and experimenting with different cultural foods; eating them as well as cooking them.