A Family Record of the Wells & Kinners and their Descendants

From the "Memoirs of James K Wells, Son of William M. & Hilly Ann Wells"

Submitted by Jana Trace

The following pages contain the memoirs of James K. Wells. On these pages the researcher will find many, many surnames of our ancestors. The memoirs are focused on the early settling by persons in Owen County. It would be a very big mistake for any researcher to not view these pages at least one time.

The preface of the memoirs are ~~

It was after years of hesitation, that we undertake to compile a brief Family Record, of our relation, and that of others who have become related by marriage. Even at the time in would have been next to impossible to have written an account that would have given equal and exact Justice to each one concerned. And how much more difficult after a lapse of over fifty years. The work will be found lacking in many respects, and incomplete in regard to place of birth, dates of all. We have been so far away that anything like a personal interview could not be had I have not asked financial aid to defray the expenses of postage stamps, letter paper, and writing many letter to our relation and friends in order to get information from those of our kindred scattered abroad. Thus far I have found after fifty years to gather the names and addresses of all quite a difficult matter. Although, I do believe it is as well done as possible by anyone at this late date. I have given the names of all that have furnished me with places of birth, date of birth, date of marriages, to whom married and date of birth. I feel gratified over the results of my work and appreciate the information received from our kindred in response to letters of inquiry. Especially to Cynthis S. Edwards of Coshocton, Ohio and James W. Kinner of Plainfield, Ohio, Nancy S. Goddard of Terre Haute, Indiana and Harriet Slough of Terre Haute, Indiana.

To my kindred living or deceased, to their Fathers and Mothers, To their Sons an Daughters, With recollections of gratitude. To the Ruler and Benevolent Father of all this record is dedicated may its influence lead to the gathering up the fragments of our race, that some be lost and show to next ages that all is not exhaust.

Its is delicate task for me to perform when I undertake to write out a memorial of my relation, and especially if I should undertake to give both their private and public life. But as none of us has never arisen to anything like the eminence, amd as is the custom to write a full history of their lives and to give their bad as well as good deeds to those who many read the record. will be spared the labor and trouble. However, I will say that if only the memories of only such men and women as have lived and died without fault were written, we should seldom, if ever, see a case of that kind.

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