Willis Wood Sr

WILL Book 2 Owen Co, IN, p.200

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"I Willis Wood Senior being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and from the following towit'??

First - I direct thus the following expenses of my last sickness and my burial be paid out of the first money coming to my estate.

Second - I give and bequeath to each of my Grand children Willis J. Scott, Louvisa S. Scott, Mary S. Scott, William C. Scott, Harriet E. Scott; One hundred and twenty dollars. I direct this to be paid out of the first moneys coming to my estate after the debts above mentioned are settled to Charles Neumeyer, and Lycurgus H. Wood to be placed by them at interest and the proceeds there of applied for the benefit of said children in such manner as they the said Neumeyer and Wood shall deem of most advantage to said children and when said children shall avantually arrive at the age of twenty one years. I will and direct that each shall receive his or her One hundred and twenty dollars above mentioned.

Third - I guve and bequeath to my son Thomas J. H. Wood one good bed and bed stead and efficient clothing for the bed, three head of sheep, one good cow and one sow with pigs.

Fourth - Mary M. Neumeyer, Hanna C. Neumeyer and Harriet H. Jessup all the wearing apparel which belonged to my deceased wife and all my beds and bed clothing remaining after the above bequests are complied with.

Fifth - I give and bequeath the remaining portion of my estate both real and personal to my children. Isaac M. Wood, Mary M. Neumeyer, Anna C. Neumeyer, George W. Wood, Lycurgus H. Wood, Harriet H. Jessup, Thomas J. H. Wood, James W. Wood and Willis G. Wood to be divided equally among said children with the exception of Seventy-five dollars which I direct be obtained from the share of Isaac M. Wood and also the sum of Fifty dollars to be obtained from the share of Hannah C. Neumeyer such amounts being due me from the - - I also will and direct that should Thomas J. H. Wood die before I do leaving no child or children or wife his equal portion shall be divided among my children. Isaac M. Wood, Mary M. Neumeyer, Hannah C. Neumeyer, George W. Woods, Lycurgus H. Wood, Harriet H. Jessup, Thomas J. H. Wood, James W. Wood, and Willis G. Wood above mentioned.

Sixth and lastly - I appoint Charles Neumeyer and Lycurgus H. Wood the executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness where of I have here - - unto set my hand and seal this 25th day of September 1865. Willis x Wood (his mark)

The above instrument was signed in our presence on the day and date above and declared by him to be his last Will and Testament and we at his request sign our names here to in his presence as attesting witnesses. John C. Robinson, M? D. Allen ------- PROOF OF WILL The State of Indiana Owen County jss. Be it remembered that on the 1" day of September 1865 M.D. Allen one of the subscribing witnesses to the within and Last Will and Testament of Willis Wood Sr. late of said County deceased personally appeared before ?Inman H ?Frederick of the Court of Common Pleas of Owen County on the Seale of Indiana and being duly sworn by the Clerk of said court upon his oath declared and, testified as follows that is to say that on the 25" day of September 1865 he saw the said Willis Wood Senr. sign his name to said instrument in writing as and for his Last Will and Testament and that this d-- -nent at the same time heard the said Willis Wood, Senr. declare the said instrument in s- - -y to be his Last Will and Testament and that the said instrument in writing was at the same time at the request of the said Willis WoodSenr. and with his consent attested and subscribed by the said M.D. Allen and John ? Robinson in the presence of said Testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses thereto and that the said Willis Wood was at the same time of the signing and subscribing of said instrument in writing afiresaid of full age (that is more than twenty-one years of age) and of sound and disf- - ing mind and memory and not under any coersion or restraint as the said deponrnt? - - -ly believes and and for this dip- -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - M.D. Allen Sworn to and subscribed by the said M.D. Allen before one Inman H. Fowler Clerk of said Court

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