The Church of Christ at West Unity

Source: Cloverdale Then and Now (1839-1939)


The Church of Christ at West Unity was organized in the year of 1850. The lot was deeded by Jesse C. McCOY and wife to trustees of the congregation at that time, who were A.E. BEARD, Jesse C. McCOY and H. M. ROCKWELL.

Some of the leading members of the Church in its early days were: Mr and Mrs Peter McCLURE, Mr and Mrs R.E. DAVIS, Mr and Mrs Aaron BALES, Mr and Mrs Harry APPLEBY, Mr and Mrs. Henry SACKETT, Mr and Mrs Perry HUBBARD, Mr and Mrs John SHOPPELL and family, Mr and Mrs William WILLIAMS, Mr and Mrs Francis JOBE, Mr and Mrs Jole McCOY, Mrs. Sarah HILLIS, Mrs. Elizabeth BRANNEMAN.

These and other youngers members carried on the work for some years with the aid of several gospel preachers who worked with them at times. They are Ezekial WRIGHT, Harry WRIGHT, Jesse JOHNSON, William SULLIVAN, William RUNYAN, Lemual MARTIN, and Peter MARTIN.

The one minister, Lemual MARTIN, delivered several addresses at this place about the year of 1870 which he had taken down in shorthand and later put into a book called, "The Voice of Seven Thunders".

The first elders known in this congregation was about 1875, when Mr. R.S. DAVIS and Mr. Aaron BALES were appointed, who served faithfully for a number of years when Mr. Bales passed away. Two more were appointed, Mr. Noah ASHER and Mr. Fred WONDER.

The work has been carried on by those named, their descendants and many others for some 80 years. Never at any time has the light gone out; there has always been those to hold up the banner of Christ and keep the good work going.

At present (1939) the oldest member living in the community who has attended West Unity his entire Christian life is Mr. William Z. HILLIS.