Yellow Fever

This page last updated October 4, 2005

Yellow fever is a viral tropical disease that is spread to humans by infected mosquitoes. The disease is caused by a virus. Most yellow fever infections are mild. However, the disease can cause severe, life-threatening illness.

Urban Yellow Fever is a disease that usually occurs in humans. It is spread by the bite of an infected female mosquito that have infected other people. They type of mosquito that usually carries the yellow fever is called Aedes aegypti. Urban yellow fever is the cause of most yellow fever outbreaks. There were several outbreaks of yellow fever throughout history beginning in 1793 until around 1878. This is more prevalent in southern states as were the outbreaks. I have only one listing for our counties, however this resulted from a local man making a trip to New Orleans and contracting the disease there before returning home where he died. In earlier years, some men did make these trips as they associated with trade, it is therefore surprising that there were not more cases found here.

The listings below show: Name/Date/Area/Submitter

Name Date of Death Town/Twp County Submitted by
Moses PIERSON 7-24-1845 Spencer OWEN Debbie Jennings


Debbie Jennings