Administrator/Executor Notices

This page updated January 10, 20220

The Administrator or Executor Notice is -- A statement that was taken out in the paper to let the public at large know about the death and pending desolution of the estate of a particular person. This was done so that persons who either owed money to the deceased or were owed money BY the deceased could make their claims within a certain amount of time. This is normally carried out by the person named in the Will of the deceased to take care of his affairs. In the case that there is no Will or nobody is named then an official such as sheriff or attorney of the court would carry it out.

The name I have listed is the name of the deceased.

The term "insolvent/insolvency" means unable to meet the debts owed.

December 23, 1848 regarding John BARNS estate

February 14, 1849 regarding Thomas C. JOHNSON estate

February 19, 1849 regarding Wiley HICKS estate

February 19, 1849 regarding Matthew PHIPPS estate

February 24, 1849 regarding Thomas ASHBROOK estate

September 29, 1849-Abner GOODWIN estate

January 3, 1857 regarding Jeremiah MATHES estate

January 3, 1857 Insolvency of Arthur RONEY estate

January 3, 1857 Insolvency of William W. GRAY estate

January 5, 1857 regarding Archibald WHITEHEAD estate

January 10, 1857 regarding William Y. COMPTON estate

July 2, 1857 regarding Hiram COLLINS estate

July 2, 1857 regarding Isaiah HADLEY estate

July 3, 1857 Insolvency of William STORY estate

September 24, 1857 regarding James CRANKE estate

March 7 1872 regarding Benjamin F.HAYS estate

June 21, 1917 regarding Elizabeth RULE estate

June 21, 1917-notice accounts due L.E. TRUAX estate