Masonic Members

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Freemasonry remains a charitable and educational society dedicated to morality, mutual aid, charity, leadership, religious toleration, and political freedom. You will find these outlined in our "Declaration of Principles." You will also find Masonic Lodges around the world and in every free Nation. Four Million Masons reside in thirteen thousand Lodges in the United States alone

These are NOT all alphabetically listed, however where possible I have listed the town where the men belonged.

Worshipful Master 1872- Eminence Lodge 440

Owen Morgan Putnam
Miron D. ALLEN--Franklin; Master Mason 1881-1884 Oral W. APPLEGATE--Ray Judge Garrett CONOVER-- greencastle
E.W. ARGANBRIGHT--Wayne William Stanley MEAD greencastle
George R. BABBS-Spencer;Lodge #99 Dr. W.H. BUTLER--Morgantown Otis MURPHY- lodge 132 cloverdale
Benjamin W. BALAY--Taylor Clarence CARTER-- Eminence Herman Eugene QUERY-- Cloverdale
Henry BAUGH--Spencer Elzie O. CARTER --Paragon Lodge #132 in 1851
Tobias BUTLER- Gosport Lodge #132 in 1851
J. M. CARLTON--Wayne Sylvester CARTER-- Eminence Lodge #132 in 1852
George M. CARTER--Gosport Charles C. DOW--Paragon Lodge #132 in 1939
S.N. CHAMBERS--Spencer George GOSS--Paragon Charles A. Jones- Greencastle
James COURIM--Freedom Lodge William H. HOLLIS--Ray Harold L Jones-Greencastle
Dr. J. COBLE--Spencer Corna W. RATTS--Ray Harry Duane Jones-Greencastle #47
Wesley COFFEY--Spencer Jesse E. RATTS--Ray Joseph D. Ellis--Greencastle # 47
John J. COOPER--Spencer James B. RAY--Ray John Raymond Baldwin- Greencastle
I. Louis COURIM -- Freedom James F. REED, Sr--Ray Jesse J Combs
Alexander CRAIG---Spencer Lodge Henry RUSIE-- Mooresville John Asbury McCullough-Greencastle #47
Wallace L. DAGGY--Spencer John H. SHOEMAKER Daniel V. McCullough-Greencastle #47
Wm R. DAGLEY William H. SHOEMAKER Ernest Herbert- Greencastle # 47
John W. DAVIS--Taylor Eli C. WHITAKER--Paragon
Alfred C. DEAN--Clay; past Master Mason John S. WHITAKER--Ray Roscoe C Jenkins- Greencastle #47
Hugh B. DEVORE--Taylor Woodrow J. Finchum- Eminence # 440 Roland R. Buis- Greencastle # 47
Orris T. DICKERSON--Spencer James T Bowman- Eminence #440 F Leon Buis
Willey E. DITTEMORE--Spencer Ross Allee-Eminence Franklin York- Greencastle # 47
David N. ELLIS--Clay Raymon Bowman- Eminence #440 Malcolm K York - Greencastle # 47
James L. FETROE--Coal City Voris Smith--#440 Eminence Robert A York, Sr.- Greencastle # 47
Inman H. FOWLER--Spencer Gordon Whitaker--Eminence # 440 Forest D. Cook- #47
H.A. Fox-- Gosport Robert L Snyder- Martinsville Clarence Arthur Cooper, Sr.-#47 Greencastle
Francis H. FREELAND--Spencer Richard A Duncan-- Greencastle # 47
James R. FRITTS--Wayne Crawford E Smith-- Greencastle # 47
Hon. William Harbin FRITTS--Wayne Leon Snyder- Greencastle #47
Emanuel FULK--Spencer Emmett G Hurst- Greencastle
George GARRARD--Morgan ; Spencer Lodge Walter W Gardner- Greencastle #47
Honorable JR GORDON--spencer Gerald R Scobee- Greencastle # 47
Curtis C.H. GOSS--Gosport Robert L Scobee- Greencastle #47
N.C. GRAY--Wayne Willis Leon Clodfelter- Greencastle #47
William H GRIM Floyd Clodfelter- Post # 47
William H. HARRISON--Jackson James E Wells- Post # 47
B.F. HART--Wayne James P Wood--Greencastle #47
J. R. HENRY--Wayne John Robert Allen-Greencastle
Albert B. HENSLEY--Montgomery Estill Meek- Cloverdale #132
John HENSLEY --Taylor Wayne E Snyder- Cloverdale #132
Willis HICKAM--Spencer;Master of Masonic Lodge 95 in 1884 Allison D Bridges- Cloverdale #132
James C HUTCHINGS-Gosport Millard T Vaughan- Cloverdale # 132
Captain James E. HYDEN--Spencer Renos E. Haltom- Cloverdale #132
William H. JOHNSON--Franklin James L Haltom- Cloverdale #132
James KING--Spencer Charles D. Whitaker--Cloverdale #132
Issac S. LUCAS--Spencer Virgil C. Wood-- Cloverdale #132
Christoper R. MARTIN--Taylor Virgil C Rogers- Post # 132 Cloverdale
Elisha R. McGINNIS--Gosport;Master Mason 1884 Harry G Smith-- Cloverdale #132
Thomas McINDOO--Franklin Frank Smith, Jr-- Cloverdale #132
Dr. A. J. MINICH--Franklin Elvin B. Smith-- Cloverdale #132
Hon. John H. MONTGOMERY--Taylor George M Cummings, Sr--Cloverdale #132
William A. MONTGOMERY--Gosport(Royal Arch) Leslie G Cooper- Cloverdale # 132
Benjamin F. MUGG--Clay; Owen Lodge # 273 Glendon W. Herbert- Cloverdale #132
John A. MULL--Spencer;Charter Member of Spencer Lodge 95 Glen Job- #132 Cloverdale
Dr. M. G. MULLINIX--Spencer George Clark Herbert-Cloverdale # 132
Otis MURPHY--Quincy William J. McCullough- Cloverdale #132
Dr. George W. NAANES--Freedom William F. Minnick-Cloverdale # 132
Bert NEED George Wallace Combs- Cloverdale #132
John NELSON-- Jefferson Virgle F. Smiley- Cloverdale Lodge # 132
John NELSON--Franklin Fred H Allen- #132 Cloverdale
Marcus L. ORRELL--Taylor William A. Jones - # 132 Cloverdale
Dr. H.G. OSGOOD--Gosport Marquis F. Jones-#132 Cloverdale
Samuel O. PICKENS--Spencer Lester C. Jones-#132 Cloverdale
Harlan RICHARDS--Spencer O.B. Foster- Cloverdale # 132
J. M. SADLER--Spencer Robert Earl Finchum-Cloverdale # 132
Omar SANDERS-gosport# 92 Roger Dee Jones-#602 Roachdale
W. H. SECREST--Gosport Hershal Lewis Hinkle- Roachdale
John S SNODGRASS- Gosport Arvine A Huber- Roachdale
John S. SPEAR-- Clay Fred L Huber-Roachdale
Harvey STEELE--Wayne Eston Cooper- Roachdale # 602
Harry G. STINE--Wayne Lawrence Earl Bridges- Roachdale
Charles E STOUT- scottish rite mason Perle Bridges--Roachdale
Dr. J.M. STUCKY--Wayne James Carrington- Roachdale
John L. Stutz John Estel Wells- Morton #469
Chester TRUAX--Gosport Glen Clodfelter- Morton #469
John VAUGHN- gosport Hubert K Clodfelter- Morton #469
J. F. WALDEN--Spencer Lyle S Clodfelter- Morton #469
S. L. WALLACE--Spencer Myron C Clodfelter--Morton # 469
Asahel WAMPLER- scottish rite mason William Cooper-- Morton
John WAYLAND--Spencer Noel R. Bettis-- Morton Lodge
D. L. WEIR--Gosport; Wayne Roy E. Jones-Groveland
Bland B. WHITAKER--Wayne; Master Mason 1884 William Alexander- Groveland
Harvey WHITLEY- quincy #655 A Leroy York- Groveland
W. T. WIGAL--Taylor(Royal Arch level) Robert M York- Groveland
Dr.William V. WILES--Spencer Otis Clodfelter- Russellville
Noel W. WILLIAMS--Spencer Vance Clodfelter- Russellville
Walter WILLIAMS-- gosport Alva Carrington - # 141 Russellville
Lycurgus H. WOOD--Spencer Paul David Carrington- Russellville
Charles F. WOOD Vernon Gardner- Russellville #141
Marquis F. Jones- #655 Quincy James Earl Allen-Bainbridge
John Archie Allee-#655 Quincy William Edwin Smith--#75 Bainbridge
Wayne E Snyder- Quincy # 655 James C McNeff- Bainbridge
Donald C. Goss - Quincy #655 Walter O. Buis- Fillmore
Estill Meek-Quincy # 655 Carl Arnold-Applegate Lodge # 155 Fillmore
Joseph G. Smith-- Gosport # 92 Hugh Hammond- Fillmore Applegate Lodge
Horace Asher- Gosport #92 Herschel Orlen Scobee-Fillmore # 155
James William Arnold--#655 Herbert Lee Arnold- Filmore
James Alexander-Fillmore
Donald Franklin Cooper-Russellville


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