Rebekkah Lodge

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Odd Fellows, recognizing the need for a woman's touch and her helpfulness in carrying out the principles of Odd Fellowship, brought into being the Rebekah degree, founded upon the principles of faithfulness, hospitality, purity and dedication to the principles of the Order as portrayed by women characters of the Bible. The degree of Rebekah was accepted in 1851 as written by Schuyler Colfax.

The degree was originally written for Brothers to confer on their wives and daughters and was considered an "Honorary Degree". The degree could only be conferred at a special meeting and Brothers could also receive the degree, much the same as today.

Later the Sisters were allowed to confer the degree on other Sisters, a ritual was adopted with the Sisters taking the parts. Rebekah Lodges were instituted and have continued to flourish.

I have listed these alphabetically with the township/lodge listed next to them, if it is known.

Resolutions Made 1918

Owen Morgan Putnam
Siota HUBBARD--Angelina Lodge #30 Catherine (CARTER) BRUMMETT--Paradise Lodge Mayme Scobee McCullough-- Greencastle # 106
Floyd BROWN -- Paradise Lodge Flossie McCullough- Greencastle #106
Gladys L. Nevins Buis- Greencastle
Imogene L Wood- Greencastle
Iva M Hammond- Greencastle
Hattie Arnold-- Fillmore #652
Flossie Alexander- Fillmore #652
Ida Bowman-- Fillmore #652
Maynard H. Buis- Fillmore # 652
Helen Margaret Beaman- Fillmore
Edna Shoemaker Smith-Fillmore
Lucretia Berenice Smith- Fillmore
Pauline Smith- Fillmore
Orlena Buis- Fillmore


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