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John & Eliza (Nutterfield) Carter
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These are the births for the family of John Carter Jr. and Eliza Nutterfield. The listing includes the immediate family as well as a couple of grandchildren. Entries here are made with any spelling errors intact. This family resided in the Taylor township area of Owen county and then after 1866, in the Cloverdale township area of Putnam county.

Name Birth
Eliza Carter July the 26 A.D. 1810
John Carter Jan the 2nd day A.D. 1813
Elizabeth Carter Jan the 19th day 1828
Nancy Jane Carter Aug 27th day A.D. 1829
Margaret Carter Feb the 27th day A.D. 1834
Matilda Ann Carter Nov the 27th day A.D. 1831
Calvin Carter Aug the 24th day A.D. 1835
Ludwell Carter April the 3rd day A.D. 1837
Goalson Carter Oct the 14th day A.D. 1838
John Stamper Carter March the 1st day A.D. 1840
Columbia Carter Jan the 4th day A.D. 1843
Lucy Jane Carter Feb the 12th day A.D. 1845
George Mason Carter Feb the 9th day A.D. 1847
Lonzo Carter Sept the 14 day A.D. 1848
Morris Carter July the 26th day A.D. 1851
James Ludwell Carter


Aprile the 1st day 1851
Ann Arnet


22nd of May 1854
Leroy F Carter


May 31 day 1862
Richard H. Carter


July 16 day 1864
Fordia Taylor


April the 22nd day 1866
John M. Carter

(second husband of daughter in law)

Dec 25, 1833
Ellena Carter


October the 14th 1868


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