Family Bible of
Francis E. (Norris) Moore Scott
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Background on the following records: Frances E. Norris married (1) Warren T. Moore and (2) John Ezra Scott. Her children with Warren T. Moore: Ida E., Charles W., John S., Maggie M. and Minnie K. Her children with John Ezra Scott: Jennie L., Ezra, and Albert E. Ida E. Moore married George Myers and they had one child, Ethel. Documented migration of the family: Ohio>Indiana>Kansas

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Fanney E. Moore

By Daughter Ida.

Jan. 18th 1880



This Certifies That the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between

Warren T. Moore of Iowa

and Fannie E. Norris of Ohio

on July 30th 1865 at Freedom, Ind.

By Rev. Denney

Name Birth
Warren T. Moore Dec. 10th 1844
Fanny E. Moore borne Jan. 18th 1847
Ida E. Moore July 9th 1867
Charles W. Moore Nov. 6th 1870
John S. Moore March 3d 1872
Maggie M. Moore May 23d 1874
Minnie K. Moore Sep. 7th 1876
Jennie L. Scott July the 23rd 1879
Ezra R. Scott December the 18th 1882
Albert E. Scott October the 30th 1885
Ethel Myers March 29th 1888


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