Death Certificates

I believe that the date for the beginning of Death Certificates was 1899. Please remember that death certificates are different then birth certificates. The information found on them is only as good as the person giving it. This person may be a neighbor or friend who is very sketchy on the info but gives it anyway.

  • Full Name of the Deceased
  • Place of Death (this will include county,city,hospital if known)
  • Length of Hospital Stay if applicable
  • Race,Sex and Marital Status
  • Age in Years/Month/Days
  • Place of Birth
  • Spouses name (and age if living)
  • Deceased's Occupation
  • Deceased's Father and his Birthplace
  • Deceased's Mother and her Birthplace
  • Name of the Person Providing Info for Death Certificate
  • Burial Place and Type(Burial/Cremation)
  • Undertaker's Name and Location
  • Cause of Death and any Doctor's Notations
  • Where the Deceased Resided