Okay, so we are genealogists/researchers, and we continually dig and dig to find the information on our ancestors that we are missing. At some point however, after we have talked to grandma and grandpa and then drained every other relative you can find... the questions begin to change.

It isn't so much who married who and when and where. But rather:

  • What is it that I need to find?

  • Where is it that I need to look to find it ?

  • What document has the info I need?

    There are so very many different documents and pieces of paper containing many different types of information. Some of these we can barter and trade information for from other researchers. However, there are also many documents that require that we order them and sometimes this is done at a high cost. I thought perhaps it would be helpful to have a section on just what type of information is on various types of documents, so maybe it will keep someone from ordering an item that will not help them and in turn direct them to the correct record type. Many of you might feel that this is info that everyone knows, but that isn't always true. I will add that I will list the info that is "asked" for on these documents, there is no guarantee that it is always filled in.

    Birth Certificates

    Death Certificates

    Marriage Application


    Wills and Abstracts

    Mortality Schedules

    Land Records

    Census Records

    News Clippings

    Pension Files