Diaries of Years Gone By

This page was updated April 4, 2011

The diary is a wonderful tool for looking into the past of an ancestor. I am sure that none of them felt that anyone besides themselves would be viewing it, much less someone 100 years into the future. Most commonly the items recorded in the diary were simply day-to-day activities and they were kept much more in years gone by then they are today.

I feel that these diaries give us a much better view of lifestyles then any other record. These are events that are seen through the eyes of our ancestor and at the same time we can view the items that they felt were important to record.

I have only a few of them here, but I hope that visitors will submit more for presentation. Please think about it....

Diary of a Young Girl (Rosa Goss)--1883/1884

Diary of Rosa M. Brown 1905


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