Sweet Owen Area
Ghost Towns

Sadly, many of the towns that our ancestors resided in and many times were the founders of-- are no longer there. They are, perhaps, just a lonely barn or store; sometimes just an old sign marking what once was a major "going concern".

Today they are referred to as Ghost Towns....

What is meant by "Ghost Town"?

For our purposes--

A...Scattered rubble or site where nature has reclaimed the land.

B...Roofless buildings or partially demolished buildings.

C...Boarded up or abandoned buildings, no population.

D...A community with many abandoned buildings and a small population of residents.

Unfortunately, being the rural area that most of our Sweet Owen geography is--these "Ghost Towns" are more prevalent here then in other areas.

Below you will find links to the three counties; within those links will be a listing of the old forgotten towns that are now ghost towns. Some of them will be linked with further info, others will need to be filled in as the information is submitted.

I ask that all of you please submit any information you might have regarding these old and forgotten towns such as the name, county, location and the current condition. (Photos welcome) This should prove an interesting area to explore if everyone helps.

Some of these are repeats, others will be new and I hope it will grow in time.

Owen County

Putnam County

Morgan County


Debbie Jennings