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Ghost Towns

This page last updated June 11, 2012

In attempting to determine which towns to include and which to exclude I used the following methods:

I view a map of 1875 and 1895, I chose those towns listed as well as those listed in the book of "Owen County 1884". I then compared those found with a current day map. Any towns not listed in the current day, even though it may still be remotely running, it was then listed.

It is not that these towns are no longer there, in some instances it is simply that they are just a vague reminder of the really busy town they once were.Some may be removed if I find that they are still running towns.

Alaska Arcola Arney
Braysville Carp
Cataract Cody
Corrine Cuba Cunot Daggett Denmark
Dulings Fallsboro Farmer Farmers Station Frazier
Freeman Gosport Junction Mill Hausertown Hubbell Station Jordan Village
Keystone Lancaster Marion Mills Mill Grove Middletown
Middletown Village Mundy Station Needmore New Jeffersonville Piney Town
Pleasant Valley Pottersville Quincy Rattlesnake Santa Fe
Spring Cave Steubenville Stockton Vandalia Vilas
Wallace Junction

If you have an additional town or information about any of these, please let me know!!

Ghost Towns


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