LAND RECORDS--Some people love them and some people don't really understand of what importance they can be. I myself find them most useful in determining migrational patterns and also if researched correctly, these land records can tell you just who the neighbors were. This might not seem to be an important matter, but in days gone by, many people married close neighbors and also relatives tended to live within the same areas. This information opens up data on other family lines for you. You can also pinpoint fairly close just where your ancestor lived in a community.This is helpful if they can't be found in a census it shows that they did actually reside there.

  • Name of the Purchaser
  • Section that the Land was in
  • Township that the Land was in
  • County that the Land was in
  • Range that the Land was in
  • Acreage
  • Exact Coordinates of the Property
  • Land Office Used
  • Filing Date
  • Who were the surrounding neighbors
  • Mineral/Water Deposits on Land
  • Migrations as to just where the ancestors moved to
  • Dates of just when they were first in the county