Putnam County
Orphans Home

Page created February 11, 2007

I came across these orphans homes as I was going through the census records in Putnam County.

While these might not APPEAR to be of importance to any outside of the Putnam County area, I have found Owen County names throughout the years. As well, I have not found any "Homes" in Owen or Morgan County devoted to Orphans which leads me to believe that this housing was central for the other counties.

These listings are NOT to be confused with the Poor Farm as that is listed separately in the census records and referred to as the County Infirmary.

The Poor Farm or Infirmary would house anyone, adults and children as well as whole families.

The Orphans Home housed only children along with the persons necessary to the upkeep of the institution. All the children of age are attending school.

According to the records, this place was located on Franklin Street in Greencastle City, Greencastle Township of Putnam County, Indiana. Without exception , no birthplace is given for the parents beyond "the U.S.". I will simply use a dash (--) to indicate this- so please bear it in mind.






Debbie Jennings