Pension Files

I barely know just where to start with these. They can be just a wealth of information, or they can only provide the basic military service info. I will list below the various items I have found in pension files. Obtaining these from the National Archives can be expensive, but sometimes are well worth it.

  • Enlistment Date
  • Date of Birth
  • Birthplace (sometimes just the county)
  • Migrations made during the service
  • Details of the service
  • Pension amounts granted/denied
  • Testimony from neighbors/friends
  • Cause of death if it is a widow's application
  • Father's Name
  • What war they fought in
  • Residence at time of application
  • Any letters to/from the Adjutant General's Office
  • Muster Records
  • Sometimes these muster records include physical descriptions.
  • If there is a record for disability this will list children and dates.