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The records for the prison in Putnamville have been added here for the convenience of the researcher. The information is collected from the census records and therefore is in that format. I cannot guarantee and do NOT mean to imply that all of these men came from Putnam, Morgan or Owen Counties. These men were sent to this prison from other places as well. It would also not be possible for me to simply sort these names by the state where they were born, as many of our county ancestors were born in various states. The researcher should take the time to simply scan the pages for any familiar family surnames. The researcher might also be amazed as I was at the young age of some of these prisoners.

These names are presented for researchers who cannot find their ancestors elsewhere.

The Putnamville Correctional Facility was established in the year 1915 and was known for about 70 years as the "Indiana State Farm". Nearly all of the inmates were serving time for minor offenses and worked in the prison's extensive farming and dairy operations.

During the mid 1980's the prison was transformed into a medium security prison for felons.

Putnamville Prison Listings 1920


1920 Pages 1 & 2

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1920 Other Residents

Putnamville Prison Listings 1930

There are a total of 28 pages in the 1930 Putnamville Prison records. For the sake of ease to the researcher, I will consolidate these into about 7 pages containing 4 original pages each. Please check back often for additions until I notify you that the listing is completed.

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