Pioneer Lifestyles
of the Rural

This page was updated January 6, 2009

Although there was an earlier section regarding the practices of the housewife and other customs of the Victorian Era..those ideas and viewpoints were taken from other areas and historical viewpoints. I feel that it is much better to present the lifestyle customs and practices put into effect by OUR ancestors-- persons with whom we could more identify with rather then the Victorian lifestyles.

I am most hopeful of being able to gain some insights into all of the following areas as time allows.

If you have any contributions or memories to add under these categories, please let me know as I will continually be collecting ideas for these pages.

Local Pioneer Schools

Rules for the Teacher~1915

Pioneer Student Rules

Local Pioneer Homemaker


The Home Remedies

Wash Day


The General Store

First World War


The Garden

Going To Church

Christmas of Yesteryear


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