Rules for the Students

This page was created January 30, 2004

The following list was submitted by Diane Hitchcock Owens for our Pioneer School section and I think it is a really great addition!

Rules for Students (1915)

1. Respect your schoolmaster. Obey him and accept his punishments.

2. Do not call your classmates names or fight with them. Love and help each other.

3. Never make noises or disturb your neighbours as they work.

4. Be silent during classes. Do not talk unless it is absolutely necessary.

5. Do not leave your seat without permission.

6. No more than one student at a time may use the outhouse.

7. At the end of the class, wash your hands and face. Wash your feet if they are bare.

8. Bring firewood into the classroom for the stove whenever the teacher tells you to.

9. Go quietly in and out of the classroom.

10. If the master calls your name after class, straighten the benches and tables. Sweep the room, dust and leave everything tidy.

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