Administrator/Executor Sales

This page updated January 10, 2022

The Administrator or Executor sale is -- a sale held to sell the house, property and whatever other personal belongings are left after a person is declared deceased.The sale is normally carried out prior to the reading of the Will as the monies gained from the sale are used to: 1)Pay a person's debt and 2)Added to the estate monies and divided between the beneficiaries. In that order. This is normally carried out by the person named in the Will of the deceased to take care of his affairs. In the case that there is no Will or nobody is named then an official such as sheriff or attorney of the court would carry it out.

The name I have listed is the name of the deceased.

The term "insolvent" means estate is unable to pay the debts.

"PETITION TO SELL ESTATE" 31 January 1857--James Merriwether

"ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE" 2 July 1857--Charles Northerland

"EXECUTOR'S SALE" 13 August 1857--Hiram Collins

"GUARDIAN'S SALE" 24 September 1857--For Heirs of Sarah Wellman

"ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE" 7 March 1872--Jesse Alexander

"ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE" 1 August 1918--William Thomas Lukenbill