The Ladies Clubs

These pages last updated February 8, 2015

I have gleaned membership information from various obituaries.

These were clubs completely different from the "auxillary" clubs associated with the men. These were clubs created by and for women. Different areas had different clubs. In some instances, these clubs were the only "acceptable" interaction women had with others. These clubs were focused on various things--some on book club, others on chatting, others on gardening, many different subjects. The location of these clubs are listed within the listings themselves.

Over the Teacups Club   Good Cheer Club  Sunshine Club 
Thursday Reading Club  Tuesday Club  Third Wednesday Club 
Penelope Club  Four Season Club  Beechwood Pleasant Circle Club 
Fincastle Community Club  Busy Bee Club  Concord Club  
The Veronica Club   The Craft Club  The DAR 
20th Century Club  The Guild  Help One Another Club 
Fillmore Mothers Club  Fillmore Garden Club  Greencastle Women's Club 
Putnam County Hospital Guild  Golden Circle Club  Dine and Chat Club  
Cloverleaf Club   Samaria Ladies Aid  Victorian Society 
Stitch & Chatter Club  Thursday Study Chat Club  RSVP Club 
Fortnightly First Officers  Fortnightly Club 1900  Fortnightly Club 1939 
Later Fortnightly Club  New Era Club  Golden Link Club  
Sierra Club  Over 50 Club  Bainbridge Study Club 
Friendship Club  Martha Washington Club    

Indiana Extension Homemakers Associaton

The first home economic clubs were formed in the year 1913 in Indiana. These clubs enabled women to receive lessons in home economics from Purdue University. At various times these lessons included just how to do homecanning or use the pressue cookers-- some lessons were on the use of the "new electrical" items in the home. Different areas had their own clubs. These clubs were different then the ones above- these were normally focused on "home" centered activities. Therefore there are several names here. If anyone knows of any that their ancestors were in, please submit them.

Jefferson Twp. Home Extension  Happier Homes Home Extension  Paragon Home Extension 
Morgan County Home Extension  Harrison Homemaker Extension  Club Sixteen Extension 
Brick Chapel Extension  West Floyd Twp. Extension  West Marion Twp Extension 
Four Leaf Home Extension  Putnam County Home Extension  Clinton- Madison Twp. Extension 
Cloverdale Home Extension  Fox Ridge Home Ec Club   Russellville Home Ec Club  
Greencastle Home Ec Club  Belle Union Home Ec Club    


Debbie Jennings