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Friday 10 August 1883 "The Democrat" News

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff


DANIEL RANDOLPH is at home on a visit from Shelbyville.

WILLIAM MILLS has purchased a fine team of mules from MR. NEED.

JOHN COATS has purchased the RHINEHART livery stock.

Grandfather HOLSCLAW has been confined to his room for several days by ? ------?

BILLIE MERRELL has returned from Clay City, where he has been at the tinker's trade for a couple of weeks.

WILLIAM CHAMPER and KELLEY BUELL have removed to Illinois.

JAMES WALLACE is making the stave business lively here now.

Uncle ABE COFFEY was in our midst last Friday, he wants about fifty young calves.

Dr. J.A. WILLIAMS has a sucking coat valued at $60. He has two sorrel ponies he would sell for less money.

TOM POM PENROD has charge of the Kelley Drug store.

R.C. MAGILL was visiting friends here last Saturday. He engaged in his old occupation, driving milch cows to and from the pasture. R

Rumor has it that "SQUIRE DRAKE and Mrs. CASSIE HAM" were married last Wednesday evening at the residence of the bride's parents.

** TEXAS**

Miss FLORA BELLES visited in Texas last Sunday.

FRANK DUNN was over at Stinesville last Sunday.

Mrs. MALINDA LAWSON, of Gosport, visited in Texas last Sunday.

S.H. DUNN will have 200 cords of stove wood cut soon.

JAMES ANDERSON'S little child is very sick.

S. CRISS and wife visited the family of WESLEY WARD at Vandalia last Sunday.

SAM SMITH went to Greencastle last week on pension business.

E.W. FISHER has purchased a new organ, and W.H. FARRIS has invested in a new sewing machine.

JOHN LAYMAN and son are hauling logs to A. GAULDING"S mill.


Elders JESSE BEAMAN and ---- WRIGHT preached at New Union last Sunday.

Uncle ISAAC CASSIDA is confined to his room with rheumatism.

Morgan township has some old settlers, among whom we mention, WM. CARTER, JOHN CARTER, HANNAH LUCAS and ELLEN FRYAR. The CARTERS and Mrs. LUCAS have lived in this township for over fifty years.

MAGGIE MEEK, of Indianapolis is visiting her mother, MARY A. BEAMAN.

JAMES BEAMAN, of Jennings township, attended church at New Union last Sunday. He is one of the counties oldest settlers.

W.C. RANDALL and wife were visiting your correspondent last Sunday.

CATHARINE ELLIS, of Little Rock, Arkansas, is visiting JOHN W. COOKSEY'S.

Mr. LACKEY annouces to his young gentleman friends that he is fully supplied with blackberries.


Owen County (IN) Democrat, February 9, 1899, p. 1.

Elven Speas will have a public sale the 20th of this month. He will sell all his personal property. He will move to Logan County, Ills., the first of March.

"Owen County Democrat" of January 17, 1892

Sarah Smock's House Destroyed

Submitted by Randi Richardson

Mrs. Sarah Smock of McVille had the misfortune to have her house and contents burned recently, and if it had not been for the bravery of Matthew Sims and William Porter two of her children would have perished in the flames. The loft was falling in when the two children, who were under the bed crying, were rescued, and the boys were severely burned about the face and hands in doing so. Mrs. Smock was away from home when the house caught fire. Messrs. Sims and Porter deserve a gold medal for saving her children.

"Owen County Democrat" of February 18, 1892 pg. 8

Edwards Family Relocates

Submitted by Randi Richardson

David Edwards and wife, who left this county about a year ago for Missouri, returned Tuesday and will make their future home in the land of their nativity

"Owen County Democrat" of February 18, 1892

Mr A.J. Glover Fined

Submitted by Randi Richardson

Mr. A. J. Glover, a druggist of Spencer, sold liquor as a beverage behind his secretive prescription case.

This morning, before Judge Woods of the United State District Court, he pleaded guilty and was fined $10 and costs.


John Simpson Visited

Charlie Simpson of Iowa and John Simpson, Jr. of Kansas are here to see their parents, John Simpson and wife who are sick.


W.E. Meek to Tap Sugar Orchard

W. E. Meek is preparing to "tap" a sugar orchard situated on the old Meek homestead where 40 years ago a hurricane swept away a splendid sugar orchard of three hundred trees. Your correspondent was in the camp at the time boiling water and by employing all his speed only reached the house, a half mile away, before the hurricane did its awful work on forests, fences, houses and all things movable in its course. Two years later, fire cleared up the brush and fallen timber and then sprang up the little sugar tree sprouts that now make the young sugar orchard Mr. Meek is going to operate this spring. The saplings are from 12 to 15 inches in diameter and from 50 to 60 feet high. He proposes to experiment with about 100 this season.


"Owen County Democrat" of March 10, 1892

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Poultry, Butter, Eggs and all kinds of produce wanted at highest prices at the McNaught Grocery Co.

The Hjuntly Comody Co., of which four of our town boys are movers, will be in Florida next week.

Mr. Vint Anderson, of Quincy, was in Spencer last Thursday, and gave The Democrat a friendly call.

A full line of surries, buggies, farm wagons, road-wagons, carts and etc., will be on sale at Daggy & Joslin's by March 15.

Hansberry McGuire and a Mrs. Alice Strother, were married at Bloomington last week and moved here, their future home.

August Kerwein, who, it will be remember, was employed in Hyatt Bros.' store at this place, and who is now located in St. Joseph. Mich., writes a friend in Spencer that there are many lands he has been in, but no place like Spencer.

Submitted by Randi Richardson

Miss Annie Phillips of Spencer was the guest of T. J. Livingston last Saturday night. She was on her way to her Uncle John Lee's, White Hall.

Roger Fryar and sister returned to their home in Iowa Tuesday after an extended visit with their uncle, Jacob Fryar, of Morgan Township.


"Owen County Democrat" of March 17, 1892


Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Uncle James Clark is on the sick list.

James Smith has his sugar c_ _ mp in operation and has made several gallons of molasses.


Wm. Dyer is cutting logs for a firm at Worthington.

C. E. Carpenter will move to Braysville in a few days.

E.W. McIntosh was attending court at Bloomfield last week.

David Row has moved back to our town and occupys his old home.

S.N. and D.W. McIntosh are in our midst buying yearling calves.

F.C. Dunn was at Bloomington last week looking after the estate of David Davis..

A hog belong to James Franklin was afflicted with hydrophobia last week, biting everything in it's way.

Calvin Thacker was in southern Clay township Saturday night, visiting the brother and sister of his wife.

Mell Haton is visiting his parents, G.W. Haton and wife. He will return to Ramona this week, where he will work the coming season.


Harley and Jimmy Stout have gone to Illinois to work during cropping season.

Joe Meek, of this village, is selling a patent fence right in this and Jackson township, and is meeting with good success.

Horace Miller, formerly of Cataract, now of Kingman county, Kansas, is here to see his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller. Horace brings with him his better half, whom he found in his adopted state.

Last week, Pearl, a little daughter of S.D. Meek, was hacking a v_ _p of hay with a hatchet, when Earl, her little brother, playfully grabbed at the hay just as she made a stroke, which severed the little finger of the right hand at the first joint below the knuckle. The finger "stump" is doing nicely.


John Hasiter was at Lancaster last Friday.

J.J. Chaney was at Indianapolis last Monday.

Daniel Querry was at Bowling Green last Friday.

Dr. W.H. Rice, of Santa Fee, was in town Monday.

John Freeman was in these parts last Friday buying logs.

Elder Ryan preached at New Union last Saturday night, Sunday, and Sunday night.

Wm. Querry has moved to the farm vacated by L. B. McKinny.

W. H. Williams, Jr., moved to J. G. Beaman's farm last week.

L.B. McKinny has moved to the farm he bought of E. Linn.

Mollie and Ada Carter, of the south part of this township, were visiting friends over Sunday.

J. A. Doyle went to Chicago last Friday where he will engage as traveling agent for a book Publishing Co.


July 28, 1898

Posted by Debbie Jennings


Wm. Parish and wife visited at Jap Beans Sunday.

Orris and Jessie Gross visited their uncle, Wash Stogsdill, Sunday.

Dr. J.J. Livingston and family attended meeting at Adel Sunday.

Dr. J.J. Livingston lost a valuable cow last week by being choked on an apple.

Carl and Carry Noel visited their sister, Mrs. Alta Livingston Saturday and Sunday.

Wm. R. Stogsdill passed through Freeman last Saturday on his way to Greene county on business.

Wm. and Dave Hawkins have bought a saw mill and will bring it here in a few days.

John Gross is visiting relatives at Tulip, Bloomfield, Worthington, Newberry and Plainville this week.

He is thinking of renting a farm and moving to the same this fall.


Mrs. Lambert, who has been sick, is better.

Little Willie Freeman is very sick with flux.

Merta, little daughter of Joe Randell, is very sick.

Quite a number of Spencer people were at the funeral of Mrs. Goen, at this place, Sunday.

Mrs. Kate Harden, of Spencer, was visiting her son, Sam, at this place, last Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Lue Beem, who has been visiting friends at Farmers the past week, returned home Saturday.


Uncle Felty Cline spent Sunday at Isaac Chambers.

Mrs. Pleasant Wampler spent Monday of last week at Wm. Hight's.

Miss Lettie Wampler spent last week with her aunt, Mrs. Wm. Culver.

Mason Ground, of Spencer, spent Saturday night with Criss Grounds.

Aunt Electa Chambers spent last week with Isaac Chambers and family.

James Chambers traded horses with James Chambers, near Ellettsville, last week.

Earl, the eldest son of Maston Chambers, cut his head badly on the cutting box one day last week.

Miss Nina Cahill, of Spencer, returned home last Thursday after spending a few days with Riley Wampler's family.

Sam Chambers, of Linton, was the guest of Robert Chambers and family last Wednesday night, Thursday and Thursday night.

Ab. Baugh, of Spencer, while hauling logs from Felty Cline's farm met with an accident at the McCormick creek by the breaking down of the bridge. As luck would have it no bones were broken but he was badly bruised.

The pike road is progressing nicely.

Miss Olive Kerr spent Sunday at home.

Miss Minnie Stwalley is staying at Geo. Warks.

Epworth League next Sunday night, beginning at 8 p.m.

Howard Beaman and wife spent Sunday with John Stwalley and wife.

The Epworth League rendered a nice program to very appreciative audience last Sunday night.

Several of our young people attended the ice cream supper at Patricksburg last Saturday night.

Mrs. Nees and daughter Rose, of Jordan Village , visited her daughter, Mrs. John Stwalley, Sunday.


James Smith was at Spencer over Sunday.

Chas. Wood, of Spencer, was on our streets Monday.

Albert Guy and family, of Spencer, visited Harry Criss and family.

Miss Ella Criss, of Indianapolis, is visiting Harry Criss and family.

Mrs. Samuel Dowdell, of Spencer, visited Mr. Arganbright last week.

Will Alexander, of Chicago, is visiting friends and relatives here this week.

Fred Owen and wife, of Ellettsville, attended Mrs. Wooden's funeral Sunday.

Misses Daisy and Lizzie Mayfield, of Spencer, gave Gosport a visit Saturday afternoon.

Wm. Parish, editor of the Tri-County Reporter, spent Saturday and Sunday in Chicago.

Chas. Crippen and wife, of Spencer, attended the funeral of Mrs. Dr. J. Wooden Sunday.

Mrs. Dr. Ritter, of Indianapolis, is spending a few days with Dr. H. G. Osgood and family.

Frank Grimsley after completing his summer term at I.U. is spending his vacation at home.

Mrs. Julia Drescher, of Spencer, spent one day last week with her daughter, Mrs. T.T. Bixler.

Quite a number went to Jeffersonville last Thursday on the excursion, and report a pleasant trip and good time.

Fred Burton, Dr. Pritchard and Major Grimsley attended the District Congressional convention at Indian Springs Tuesday as delegate.

Little Earl Whittaker died very suddenly last Saturday afternoon, only being sick a few days. The funeral services were held at the home of Joe Mullen Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Dr. J. Wooden died at her home on north [sic] Main street [sic] Saturday at 12:30 p.m.,

after a long illness and great suffering, and was buried Sunday afternoon. she leaves many friends to mourn her death as she was loved by every one.


Mack Kuhns was at Greencastle last Sunday.

Rumor has it that we will hear wedding bells soon.

Rumor has it that we will have another saw mill here soon.

Mack Nees, of Brazil, was on our streets one day last week.

Wm. Kuhns made a business trip to Greencastle last Saturday.

C.B. Huffman and O.B. Kattman visited at Brazil last Sunday.

John Ross, the boss well driller, is drilling a well for W. S. Arnold.

Walter D. Reiter, of Sweet Owen, was on our streets last Saturday.

D.M. Mullinnix, of Manhatton, was on our streets one day last week.

O.C. Campbell, visited near Jordan Village last Saturday and Sunday.

Charley Likens visited his family at Spencer last Saturday and Sunday.

Andy Comer, of Hendricks county, visited relatives here last Saturday.

Miss Nellie Reese, who has been at Terre Haute, returned home Friday.

Miss Mattie Chamberlain, of Cloverdale, visited relatives here last week.

Stwalley & Mullinnix shipped two car loads of hogs to Indianapolis last week.

Ira Licken and family visited relatives at Brazil last Saturday and Sunday.

B.P. Shoppenherst, of Jordan Village, was on our streets one day last week.

The picnic for the children at Anderson's grove last Wednesday was a success.

George Cain, of Sweet Owen, passed through town last Saturday on his way to Clay City.

T.H. King and Bert Miller, who are attending college at Terre Haute, were on our streets last Saturday.

Rosco Chamberlain, who has been visiting relatives near Cloverdale, for some time, returned home last week.

No Box; No Mail

Owen County Democrat; April 5, 1906

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

An order has been issued to mail carriers not to deliver mail to persons on routes where boxes are not erected in conformity to the specifications of the Post Office Department.

Mart Loy

Owen County Democrat; April 5, 1906

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Mart Loy who has been afflicted with rheumatism all winter is able to get up in town now by the aid of crutches.

Majestic Movie House

Owen County Democrat; December 10, 1915

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**This Thursday evening, The Majestic presents Charley Chaplin in "The Mix-up" in 4 parts.You are in for a good laugh here sure and this picture will hit the spot. This is one of the best comedies in which Chaplin has posed.

**On Friday evening, The Vitagraph Company will present "The City Tigeress" in three parts. Julia Swayne Gordon does some of her best acting in this drama. Others in the cast are Zena Keefe, Bobby Connelly and other players.

**The Majestic will have an unusually strong program this Saturday.

Community News

Owen County Democrat; December 10, 1915

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**The W.C.T.U. will meet with Mrs Wm P Sandy Friday at 2 PM with Mrs J A Layman as leader.

**Mesdames H.B. Laymon and Chester Ward went to Indianapolis Tuesday to do some Christmas shopping.

**Mr and Mrs Manwarren returned to their home in Syracuse, NY last Tuesday after visiting relatives here last week.

**Miss June Trent returned to her work at the I.O.O.F. Home at Greensburg Wednesday after visiting L.D. Trent and wife.

**Samuel Sanders, of Gosport was in Spencer Saturday on business.

**H.B. Williams and wife went to Indianapolis Saturday.

**R.R. Boyer went to Indianapolis Thursday. J.R. Greene also went on the same train and you can bet that the two of them did a plenty to the old Democratic rooster on that day.

**Our good friend Bill Hancock brought us the original old Democrat rooster Monday and the good wife cooked him up Tuesday for dinner. The old Democrat rooster is a bully good bird in a pot.

Visiting News

Owen County Democrat; June 21, 1917

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**Miss Phoebe Davis is the guest of relatives in Bloomington this week.

**Mr and Mrs Jas. Gentry and Nevil McKeel spent Sunday with the John King family.

**Mrs. Mary Stines is visiting this week with her daughter, Mrs. Clara McPhetridge.

More Visiting News

Owen County Democrat; September 21, 1917

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**The following families took dinner and spent the day Sunday at old Liberty Church; Fred Haskett and family, Mrs. Glennie Wilson and children, Albert Berry and family, Mr and Mrs B.F. Davis, Wm. Davis and children, Mrs. Kate Davis and children, Mr and Mrs. D.E. Grubb, Jacob Grubb and family and Mr. and Mrs. Enos Carter.

**Lois and Mae Davis visited Monday with the aunt, Mrs. Maude Carter.

**Mrs. Kate Davis and children visited Wednesday with Mrs. George Bowman.

**Wm Davis and his little daughter, Mary Lois, spent the day Wednesday with the Albert Berry family in the Texas neighborhood.

Rainfall Floods Town

Owen County Democrat; September 7, 1921

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Rain began falling at about 12:30 Sunday morning and the steady downpour gained in intensity until at 2:30, the town was flooded. At 5 o'clock Saturday afternoon after a day of intense heat, a threatening cloud came up, split and went around the town. Later in the night another cloud hung in the west for several hours, lightning playing almost incessantly. At 12:30 Sunday morning the storm broke and the rain fell in torrents. No wind accompanied the rain and the cloud apparently did not move. By 2 am the streets were beginning to look dangerous and property owners with previous experiences in mind, began to fear flooded cellars. For another half hour the deluge continued and the streets north of the railroad which breaks the drainage to the river- were full from curb to curb and running like mill races.

When the rain showed signs of letting up and a hurried trip through the north part of town could be made, it was found that East, Harrison, Main and Montgomery Streets were more then curb full and had spread out over low-lying lots. On Washington Street there was considerably less water than on the others, though the street was well covered. The rain continued to fall until 9 o'clock Sunday morning in a steady fashion, though the street floods soon subsided beyond the danger point. At Vandalia, lightning struck the store of Freeman & Son and fired it in three places. The fire was soon extinguished by a bit of hard work.


Posted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Owen County Democrat, 7 August 1924

George Griffin Clark, who has been visiting his grandmother, Mrs. George R. Griffin, left Monday in his car for Chicago.

The 53rd annual Quincy picnic will be held his year on Thursday, August 14th. In point of attendance this picnic has always been a success. Each succeeding year it has grown until now it has become and established institution. The management this year believe that they have secured some very good speakers and entertainments. Among those who will be present and give addresses are Hon. Ed Jackson, secretary of state, Willis E. Gill, State represenative for Owen and Putnam, and J. E. Sedwick of Martinsville. With these interesting speakers and the usual entertainments, the picnic this year promises to be the best ever held.

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