Newspaper Clippings
From the Warfronts

These newsclipping differ as they are ones pertaining strictly to items detailing events occurring during the various wars - these could be about deaths, burials, illnesses, medals awarded, or simply a visit home. However, all of them are about men from our counties. The only obituaries you will find here are men who died during their service. Some items will be moved from our regular News Clippings section as they fit here.

Please understand that many of these titles are abbreviated so read through them all.

Page updated on March 11, 2010

Owen Morgan Putnam
Fred Medaris Sick Leave 1945 Victor Carter Dies 1952 Coffin Injured in France 1918
Robert Medaris Promotion 1945 Morgan Guards Receive Guns 1858 Elbert Thomas dies in France 1918
Medaris on Leave 1945 Sailor Buried At Avon 1930 Lee Collins Funeral 1921
Medaris Arrives in States 1944 Noel Hainey Dies 1921
Wampler Death Plunge 1957 DAR Dedicates Stone 1915
Claude Crouch Killed 1918
National Guard Leaves
Hazel Makes Captain 1918
Private McGuire in Hospital 1945
Richard McGuire with Patton 1945
Three Draftmen Delinquent 1918
Soldiers Pillows Filled 1918
Mexican War Meeting 1874
McGuire Come Home 1945
Senator Could Have Been Soldier 1930
Oliver Kinney in France 1918
War Workers Needed 1918


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