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Indianapolis Sentinel; May 19, 1879

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Greencastle, Ind. -- M. M. Herrick, a brakeman on the I. and St. L. road was killed this morning at Oakalla station. He was uncoupling cars and fell beneath the wheels. His home was at Kansas, Illinois. He was married.


Indianapolis Sentinel; February 24, 1879

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Greencastle, Ind. -- The remains of Mrs. Bowman, wife of Bishop Bowman will reach here tonight from St. Louis. The funeral will take place on Monday morning at 10 o'clock.


Indianapolis Sentinel; February 24, 1879

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Greencastle, Ind.-- J. L. Southard's dwelling, adjoining his new residence was partially destroyed by fire tonight. It was occupied by James Darnall, who saved nearly all of his household goods. Insured in the Phoenix and Royal.


Indianapolis Sentinel; January 25, 1881

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Greencastle, Ind. -- The good people of this city was disturbed last evening, about 8 o'clock while at Church by an alarm of fire and without waiting for doxology, benediction or anything else, dismissed themselves. The alarm was caused by the burning of a barn near the residence of James Taylor, Esq., on a lot known as the Hilton property. No insurance and no very great loss. It is supposed that some tramps or vandals set it on fire, in order to shake up the fire department. About midnight, as Mr. Silas A. Hays (of the firm of Lieutenant Governor Hanna & Hays) was passing his office, he observed a light in it and supposed it was caused by a lamp burning, but on going upstairs he found the office on fire, and the entire building (the Allen building) full of smoke. Mr. Hays succeeded in getting the upper hand of the fire. A large hole was burned in the floor, but no other damage was done to the building. This fire was caused by using sawdust in the wood spit boxes in which burning cigar stumps had been thrown. The building was insured in the Allen Home and some other foreign company.


OHIO "Cincinnati Daily Gazette", NEWS, 24 August 1878

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Greencastle, Ind., Aug. 23,-- Yesterday, at the Russellville fair, James Evans died suddenly of heart disease while engaged in a dispute about a stall. He has been fifty years a resident of Putnam County.


"Indianapolis Sental" News, 24 March 1881

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Greencastle, Ind., March 23, -- Judge Turman, whose death was annouced in today's Sentinal, was buried here this afternoon. The attendence was very large. He died at his residence in Greencastle, Ind., at 5:15 a.m., on Tuesday.


OHIO "Cincinnati Commercial Tribune", Paper, 2 December 1881

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Greencastle, Ind., December 1. -- Maggie Black, wife of Columbus Black, and sister of Congressman Mason(unsure of this name), a most estimable lady, died last night.


ILLINOIS "Inter-Ocean" Paper, 18 January 1888

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Centralia, ILL., Jan. 17 -- Special Telegram. William Cawley, who was stricken with paralysis a few days ago and died yesterday was removed this morning to Greencastle, Ind., for intirment. The services were held at the residence at 7:30 this morning, after which the remains were escorted to the depot by the Grand Army of the Republic. Mr. Cawley's death takes from our midst a worthy and respected citizen and a brave soldier.


ILLINOIS "Inter-Ocean" Paper, 5 October 1895

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Greencastle, Ind. Oct. 4 -- Special Telegram--- Mrs. Weaver, wife of Colonel James Riley Weaver, of De Pauw University died this evening at 5 o'clock from the effects of an operation for tumor of the breast. Mrs. Weaver was a daughter of the late Bishop Simpson, of the M. E. Church.


"Logansport Reporter" 13 October 1898

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Greencastle, Ind. --- Oct. 13 --- William Williams, aged 50, was found dead in bed at the home of Isaac Leonard at Putnamville. He was a prominent citizen of South Putnam county and a man of a large family.


Marble Rock Weekly 26 July 1900--"The News In Brief" - Marble Rock, Iowa

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Michael Murphy died in Greencastle, Ind., aged 104 years.


"Officials Say Roachdale Man Is Not Among Survivors of Titanic"

Thursday 18 April 1912 Indianapolis Star

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Friends of John B. Crafton of Roachdale, Ind., who is believed to have been a passenger on the ill-fated Titanic, yesterday, gave up hope for his safety. Mr. Kurtz (manager of foreign dept. of Fletcher Amer. Nat. Bank) wired the New York offices of the White Star line at the ?itnatignition of Harry B. Crafton of Roachdale, son of the missing man. Mr. Crafton has been informed of the probability of his father's fate, and does not believe it possible that the passenger giving his name as Crafton on the company's records is any other person than his father. April 17 -- Relatives go to Roachdale to comfort Mrs. John B. Crafton. Mr. Crafton still owns some valuable stone land in Bloomington stone district, had holdings in Crafton Stone Quarry, and was known as "the stone king." He spent most of his last years managing affairs of the Mississippi Dtone and Lumber Company at Starr., Miss.


Clay County Democrat, Bowling Green

Indiana June 6, l860, picked up from the Ind. Press

Submitted by Dixie Kline Richardson

On Tuesday evening a hurricane passed over this county, touching in the vicinity of Carthage and then doing considerable damage to property--unroofing some houses, blowing down others, destroying fences, and carrying trees through the air as though they were but feathers on the breeze. Robert McCammack was seriously hurt, having his jaw broken in two places by falling timber. We have not learned of any other accident to persons. Here there was no indication of a hurricane other than a stiff breeze accompanying a rain and hail storm. Since writing the above we learn that three other members of Mr. McCammack's family were badly hurt. A daugher of Daniel Smith, and a child of Mr. Humphreys, in Morgan county, were hurt. Some damage to property was done in Cloverdale township, but the chief damage was in Jefferson township.-- Ind. Press (The "Democrat" reported extensive damage in Bowling Green.)


Indianapolis Star

23 Jan 1910

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Mrs. R. L. O'Hair is visiting her sister at Danville.

Miss Louise O'Hair is visiting relatives in Bloomington.

Mrs. D. B. Johnson of Anderson is here to visit relatives.

Miss Bessie O'Brien of Brazil is visiting her sister Mrs. Mercer.

Mrs. Lou Spooner of Worthington is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barker.

Miss Mary McDonald is visiting her niece in Crawfordsville, Mrs. Howard Shank.

Miss Mae Rehling of Highland Place, in Indianapolis, is visiting friends in the city.

Mrs. Mary Gommere and son of Center Point are the guests of relatives and friends in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dee are visiting the father and mother of Mrs. Dee, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Denman.

The engagement of Miss Octavia Amelia Carr to William Edward Winegar was annouced Wednesday evening at a dinner given in their honor at the College Inn. Both are students in DePauw University.

The following attended a dinner party at the John Houck farm, near the city, Thursday evening; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Landes, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. George Landes, Mrs. Johanna Butler and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hurst.


Indianapolis Star

2 Nov 1916

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Greencastle Indiana, Nov 1, - - A halloween prank was the indirect cause of an accident in which John W. Blaydes, 75 yrs old, a prominent farmer of north Putnam County, met his death near his home, south of Roachdale, last night. Pranksters had built an obstruction of fence rails across the road near the Blaydes home and elderly man, fearing for the safety of motor parties, went there to clear the highway of the rails. He brought one automobile to a stop and was standing in the road near the machine when another car driven by Frank Davis of Roacgdale, who failed to see the obstruction attempted to pass. Blaydes was knocked down and two wheels of the car passed over his body, inflicking fatal injuries. He is survived by a widow and nine children


Indianapolis Star

20 Nov 1917

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

GREENCASTLE-- Jesse Lewman 58 years old died of heart trouble. He conducted a hotel here for many years.


Indianapolis Star

15 Sept 1921

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

GREENCASTLE - - Dr. J. F. Cully, 65 years old is dead at his home in Bainbridge. He is survived by his widow, a son and a daughter. He had practiced medicine in Bainbridge for the last quarter of a century. The funeral will be Friday.

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