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Indianapolis Sentinel; February 19, 1881

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Greencastle, Ind. February 18-- On going to the jail this morning, Mr. Brandon, the Sheriff was somewhat astonished to find the doors open and the birds flown. The lock had been sawed around and their escape effected in that way. Two of the prisoners, Richard Dean and Frank Harris, were arrested on Friday last, on a charge of having stolen goods in their possession and belonged near Effingham, Illinois at which place they had committed a burglary and were to have been taken to that place today. Another prisoner, Frank Riley was in on a charge of assault and battery with intent to kill. About ten days ago a lad came to the Sheriff and applied for work and was given employment about the house and jail, and as he is also missing it is supposed that he contributed somewhat towards their escape, either by furnishing tools to the prisoners or doing the work himself. Up to the present writing they have been traced to the vicinity of Brazil.


Indianapolis Sentinel; June 6, 1879

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Greencastle, Ind. -- William Turner was arrested near Belle Union last night and lodged in jail at that place, charged with the burglary of Brady & Spaulding's store at Clinton Falls. The arrest was made by Sheriff Lewman who has succeeded in recovering the stolen goods. Turner was an accomplice of Greenbury Thompson who is now in jail at Crawfordsville for horse stealing. The same parties stole some whisky-15 gallons- from J.F. Sutherlin's distillery on the Parke county line about a month ago.

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