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"Horrible Scene at an Execution in Indiana"

Ft. Wayne Sentinel Newspaper

26 December 1857

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

GREENBURY O. MULLENIX was executed at Greencastle, Indiana, on the 11th, for the murder of his wife. The Indianapolis Journal in giving an account of it, says: The drop fell at twelve minutes past eleven o'clock, and in the descent of the prisoner the rope broke! Blindfolded and choked, Mullenix still appeared to have reason and presence of mind, and walked in the direction of the steps as if to reascend to the scaffold. A horrid sound, like the rattle of death, escaped from his mouth -- a sound which made many of the immediate spectators sicken and turn pale. In a moment Mullenix was in the arms of men who held him while the sheriff tied the rope together and drew him from the ground. In a moment more, the object of the law's vengeance was swinging between earth and heaven. One or two slight struggles were made, and the spirit of Greenbury O. Mullenix passed from time into eternity. After every motion of the limbs had ceased, the pulse continued to beat for some minutes. This became more and more feeble until it was altogether imperceptible. After hanging thirty-two minutes the body was cut down, placed in the coffin at which the dead man had laughed the evening before, and delivered to his friends, who immediately procceded with it to Manhattan, Putnam County, for interment



24 Dec 1857

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Greenbury O. Mullenix, for the murder of his wife, Martha Ann Mullenix, was executed at Greencastle, on Friday last. A large crowd was present.

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