Most Wanted

This page is not just like the query pages. This page is strictly for the Most Wanted Ancestors that you have been unable to find anywhere else. To have your posting listed on these pages, please submit to me the following information on the ancestor.

This page last updated July 2, 2009

Name(s) of Ancestor

Date of Birth and Death if you have it (place is helpful)

Last known location

Last records found (date/place)

Any particulars regarding this person that would help in the search.

Any children/parents, whatever you might be able to provide

Your name and email

John McCullough

John Carter Family

Mary Susan Duncan

Arlitta Chambers

Stephen Alford McCormick

Parents of Elisha Eggars

Abner Johnson

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Bolton

Parents of Eli Sink

Melvina F. Skinner

John Turpin Sr.

George Christopher Baker Family

William D. Hodges Family

Sylvanus Haviland

Family of Elmira (Mosier) Arney

Abraham Parish/Parrish