It Was Murder !!!

This page updated February 14, 2022

Although we as researchers should most definitely know better; we tend to think of the early county days as a "simpler and better time". The truth is that it was at times a very vicious place to reside. Crime was much more prevalent then we would like to recognize. I realize that this in part is due to the fact that "crimes" back then were viewed sometimes a bit harsher then they are today. For example: Theft of $5.00 was punishable with jail time--things of that nature did make the crime rate greater.

This page is not about those crimes that fall into the theft, larceny, assault or things of that nature. This page is about MURDER. The other crimes you will find listed here under the "crime" section.I have pulled items from those pages that belong here.

Although many may disagree with me-- there is a definite difference in my mind between "my gun went off and killed him" and "I went to his house and shot him". The listings you will find here have to due with the ones that were deliberate or occurred due a barfight or whatever.

Through the years that I have researched, I have crossed paths with several individuals that were searching for their ancestors who may have been arrested for committing murders or been the victim of murders. These records are not as easy to find as many may think. Most of them are buried in the depths of some county paper. Hopefully these listings will aid a researcher in finding their missing ancestor.I have done my best to include any "follow-ups" in the paper regarding the cases such as punishments, etc.

The dates on the listings are the dates of the crime itself when available, NOT the news article. The names listed are the parties involved. These papers are NOT necessarily county papers, but whatever papers covered the story.

If you have some of your own, please consider submitting them.

Owen Morgan Putnam

Gosport Murder July 1858 (MURPHY)

Martinsville Street Fight March 1857 (BURNS-SLOAN)

Greencastle Affray June 1855 (SECREST-STOCKMAN)

Woman Murders Husband March 1876 (GIVENS)

Accessory to Murder May 1857 (WISE-SLOAN)

Man Kills Wife April 1857 (MULLINIX)

Murder on Fence Line (BLACK-GOSS January 1891)

Murder of Lucinda Franklin (FRANKLIN-CONDOR) January 1850

Greencastle Murder January 1861 (HANNA)

Shooting at Spencer October 1911 (BALDWIN-GANTZ)

Morgantown Man Murdered (SATTERWHITE) January 1873

Cloverdale Murder-part one December 1874 (MARTIN)

We Still Thinks She's Guilty July 1935 (TRUAX)

Radcliffe Murder Trials(RADCLIFFE-RUNNELS) February 1879

Cloverdale Murder-part two January 1875 (CAPPS-MARTIN-STAUNTON)

Horrible Affair-Murder/Suicide March 1855 (KEEFOVER)

Brown Murder Trials February 1879 (BROWN-PARROT-GREER)>

Greencastle Stepsons Murder December 1881 (LYNCH)

Railroad Murder- May 1867(JOHNS)

Roachdale Murder June 1891 (ADAMS-EVANS)

Supposed Murder of Rag Buyer (CRAWFORD) February 1879

Murdered Widow November 1892 (MURPHY)

More Murder 1890(ROSE-SEALS-BRANNON)

Reelsville Murder December 1896 (COUNTS-FOSTER-GRAY)

1891 Lynching!!

Cloverdale Murder-part three June 1897 (MARTIN)

Shooting of Charles Languell 1935

Double Shooting July 1907 (BUIS-MYERS)

Languell Shooting Part 2

Held on Murder Charges September 1907 (FISHER-MULLINEX)

Murder By William Wagoner 1891

Fatal Shooting in Saloon(MAIS-VANCLEAVE) October 1879

Wagoner Attempted Suicide 1899

Murdered Woman Found