Sheriff's Sale

This page updated October 18, 2007

A sheriffs sale is basically the act of selling a person's home/property when the mortgage has been foreclosed on. Not a pleasant action, but unfortunately it did take place. These sales were also sometimes held when the owner was deceased and there were no other family members. Below are entries as they were found in various newspapers of the day.

In an effort to get more on these pages, I have reformatted this page with links. Each section will tell you the name of the paper and the date; also it will tell you the surnames of all parties mentioned as well as the type of sale is it.

"National Weekly Guard" 1 April 1858

"FORECLOSURE OF MORTGAGE"-- Brown/Gamiston/Allender/Tyffe

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Franklin/White/Crowmer/Bailey/Spangler/Steele/McCarty/Stout

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Isaacs/Whitaker

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Brown/Cravens/Dittemore

"The Republican" News, Spencer, 23 December 1848, Saturday

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Cummins/Howe

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Landrum/McCready

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Scott/Phipps/Miles/Toliver


"SHERIFF SALE"-- Allison/Ooley/Westfall


"SHERIFF SALE"-- Hicks/Wise

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Hicks/Wood/Dyer/Bacon/Danforth/Lewis/Craig/Conant

24 February 1849 "Owen Republican News", Spencer

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Barnes/Landrum

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Dunigan/Davis/McClelland/Bacon/Danforth/Lewis/Conant

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Foster#2

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Long/Michler

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Galletly/Chambers/Austin/Applegate/Watson/Davis/Woodsmall/Allen/Stallcup/Ballard/Howe

7 March 1872 Gosport Independent "Excerpt"

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Freeman/Carter

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Smith/Johnson/Laughlin

Morgan County

13 May 1858

"SHERIFF SALE"-- Cunningham