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Tension Breakers
"The Funnies Page"

Although not genealogy, sometimes we just need to take a break and step back. This sometimes puts things in better perspective. If you find something for our page, please submit it to me.

May Live in Indiana

Grandpa's Retardment

Anger Management

Eggs vs. Gas Prices

Remembering 1955

Floyd's Gift

1852 New Year's Resolutions

Case of the Pregnant Lady

Mouths of Babes

Cows, Constitution & Commandments

Murphy's Law of Genealogy

A True Hoosier

Zen Sarcasm

Ways to Improve Sanity

God and the Cat

The Chain Letter

How Come ?

Thought for the Day

Senility Prayer

How Many Do You Remember?

Fast Food

Dr. Visit


Circle Flies

Ten Commandments--Cajun Style

Inner Peace

Intellectually Challenged

Grandma in the Tree

Tech "Support"

Pastor's Cat

Snappy Answers

Lessons to Live By

Black and White

A Good Pun Has Its Own Re"word"

Senile Virus

Researching too Long

Understanding What It Means to Be a Hoosier


(from Nancy White)

The Rope

Genealogy Humor

A Funny Face

(from Joe, my son)

Twelve Rules for Ancestors


Letter to an Ancestor

One Liners

Funny Definitions

When You Spill Water on Your Computer

(Harmless 2 second download, but funny!)

(from Carl Lockhart)


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