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Morgan Gazette; April 29, 1858

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

The body of the boy drowned on Thursday, 15th instant was recovered on Sunday last. He had floated down the river some two miles and was discovered in a drift by some persons passing by. An inquest was held and a verdict of "accidental drowning" rendered by the jury.


Morgan Gazette; May 2, 1857

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

An infant son of Wm. B. Fesler, Morgantown, fell into a cistern on Friday of last week and was drowned. The little fellow had been missing for about one hour when discovered.


"Indianapolis Sentinel", Paper, 23 August 1875

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

NEIGHBORING NEWS -- Martinsville, August21-- A young man named Eli Asher, twenty three years of age, was drowned in White river, one mile below this place, this (Saturday) morning. He was subject to fits and was bathing at the time. It is supposed he was seized by a fit and drowned during the paroxsm.

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