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Martinsville, Morgan county paper in March of 1917 .

Submitted by Nancy Amos

Saturday, March 10, was the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Rev. and Mrs George Goss, and the event was celebrated on an elaborate scale on that day by their family and friends at their home near Paragon. It was a great day for the "bride and groom" and for all present, a real jubilee. The excellent dinner did not signify the high cost of living, nor a fear of "famine in the land", but was indeed a great marriage feast. Speaking of the occasion in behalf of his wife and himself, Rev. Goss says, "our minds can not formulate nor pen express words by which we may describe the "fat things of the land" that these dear ones set before us.There was nothing lacking and nothing to mar the love and friendship with us on this day. We appreciate highly the love bestowed upon us. Many valuable gifts were left in token respect for us. We hereby thank you all for your presence and esteem in which you hold us and we will ever revere and adore your love for us, which you have proven to us by these costly and valuable gifts and to those dear loved ones not permitted to share in the festivities but sent tokens of love in costly presents, we also express appreciation for your loving remembrances. Only one was present who witnessed our marriage fifty years ago; Mrs. Lizzie Stierwalt." Others present were Henry Storm, J.H. Warthen, Rosie (Goss) Warthen, C.C. Dow, John W. Farr, Sarah J. Farr, J. C. Goss, Frank Goss, John Nichols, Louis Nichols, Inez Burkhart, Lucille Burkhart, James B. Farr, Lizzie Farr, Harry V. Ennis, Clarke Shuler, Clarence Shuler, Celia Shuler, Ethel Shuler, Edith May Shuler, Oran Shuler, Sandford Dunagan, Isabel Dunagan, Gladys Dunagan, Naomi Dunagan, Hubert Dunigan, Earl Dunagan, Cyrus Warthen, Wilma Rundell, Clara Goss, Victor Goss, Helen Morgan and Lois Blancher.

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