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Morgan Gazette; July 9, 1857

Posted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Adam S. Wise indicted by the grand Jury of this county at the late term of Circuit Court as an accessory to the murder of James M. Sloan, has at length been admitted to bail. After his imprisonment, he was conveyed to Franklin on account of the insecurity of our jail where he was taken out on a writ of habeas corpus, a few days since and his bail fixed at the sum of $1000.00 which was readily given. The Franklin Jeffersonian says that on the hearing before Judge Hardin not the slightest evidence of complicity was shown against Wise, and thinks it a very strange thing how an indictment was found on such evidence. We presume the Jeffersonian man heard only the bright side of the story.

Morgan Circuit Court News

Morgan Gazette; November 26, 1857

Court adjourned on Monday night last- Among the cases disposed of, we notice the following;

**State vs. James Burns, et al. This case was continued-as to Wm. Burns and Blevin Asher. A change of venue was granted to James Burns-his trial will be had at the May term of the Owen County Circuit Court.

**State vs. Wm Gibson- The defendant was let to bail in the sum of $3000. It was $5000 before

**State vs. Andrew J. Adams, grand larceny. The defendant was acquitted.

**State vs. Thomas Graney, petit larceny. Defendant acquitted.

**State vs. David R. Neavitt, forgery- There were two cases against David, both of which were continued.

**State vs. Adam S. Wise, petit larceny- Adam was charged with theft in three instances, but was luckily acquitted in all. This may be set down to pure luck, nothing else.

**There were several other cases of grand larceny and petit larceny pending, all of which were continued until the May term of court.

**State vs. Miller, Hubbel, Fisher, et al, on charge of nuisance, for selling liquor alias "democratic sasparilla", were heard and the merits of the law of 1853 ably discussed; but the Judge declined giving an opinion at the time. What his policy was in so doing is unknown. Perhaps to await the determination of the Supreme Court or perhaps again to fell of the nation on the subject.

** A number of divorce cases as usual occupied the attention of the Court and in several instances the marriage contract was annulled. The looseness of our laws on the subject makes it an easy matter for husband and wife to slip off the matrimonial noose at their convenience. We wish it was otherwise.

**In reference to the county seat question, it will be recollected that the contract between the County Commissioners and P.M. Blankenship was appealed from. The Court decided that the case was not an appealable one. It was also decided that the Auditor should issue warrants. This leaves the matter just exactly where it stood before.


Morgan Gazette; November 26, 1857

All persons interested will take notice that Isaac Thomas, on the 23rd day of October 1857, sued out a writ of attachment from the office of William B. Orner, Justice of the Peace in and for the county of Morgan and State of Indiana, against John J.B. Hatfied for the sum of sixty-seven dollars, which writ has been served and returned. The trial of the above cause will be heard at my office in Martinsville at said county on Friday the 27th day of November, instant at 2 o'clock PM of said day.

Morgan Circuit Court News

Morgan Gazette; May 13, 1858

The spring term of the Morgan County Circuit Court commenced on Monday morning last, Judge Claypool presiding. A large amount of important business has been cut out for settlement during the present term and has consequently drawn hither a goodly number of lawyers from various localities. Among those present, we notice the following;

**Messrs. O'Neil, Coburn, Porter and McClure, Indianapolis; Messrs. S.H. and G. W. Buskirk & Hunter, Bloomington; Col Nave, Danville, M.M. Ray, Shelbyville; S.P. Oyler, Franklin; S.K. Harryman, Mooresville; J.S. Hester, Nashville; W.E. Dittemor, Gosport and Mr Pierce, the Prosecuting Attorney, Terre Haute.

**The foregoing session was principally occupied with the calling of criminal cases, the answering of attached persons from the last term and the entering of a nolle ( a discontinuance) by the Prosecuting Attorney as to Wise in the indictment for murder as accessory in the Sloan case.

**A fine of five dollars was assessed against Michael Stipp for contempt in not attending as a juror at the last term, for which he professed to have no excuse.

**The afternoon session opened with the case of the State vs. Gibson. Gibson, it will be recollected was tried, convicted and sentenced to the state prison in 1856 for the murder of Robert Mann at the old line barbecue held in this place at that time; and after spending some time in durance vile under the state, his case was reversed by the Supreme Court and sent back. On Tuesday, the case was submitted to the jury without argument, and a verdict of acquittal returned. We presume Gibson feels considerably relieved.


Gosport Independent; March 7, 1872

Dank O. Spencer, of Bloomington whose trial has been pending in the Morgan County Courts for the last two years for manslaughter was acquitted last Friday. Dank passed through here last Saturday on his way home as happy a soul as we have seen for many a day.

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