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Indianapolis Sentinel; May 21, 1879

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

MARTINSVILLE-- Hon. P.S. Parks, an old and esteemed citizen of this city died this evening after a short illness. Mr. Parks has filled several honorable positions. Although a staunch Democrat up to the outbreak of the war, he was a strong Union man and a warm personal friend and advisor of Governor Morton. He took an active part in the political issues of early Kansas and was a member of the Lecompton convention that framed the constitution of that state. He was an Indianan by birth, born and raised here and was the son of the late Hon. P.M. Parks, who figured extensively in the early politics of Indiana.


Elkhart Daily Reporter; March 15, 1890

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

MARTINSVILLE-- Charles Medaris and Jesse Smith, wealthy young men of Spencer, Owen County, while intoxicated indulged in a buggy ride which cost Smith his life by being thrown from the buggy down a steep embankment. Medaris escaped with slight injuries.

Rebuilding Watson Home

Gosport Reporter; September 12, 1930

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Mr and Mrs Alva Watson who lost their country home by fire several weeks ago are rebuilding. Work on the new building was begun last week.

Eminence Area News

Gosport Reporter; September 12, 1930

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**Floyd and Delbert Murphy of Eminence spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs. Ralph Grounds

**Sunday afternoon callers at the home of Mr and Mrs M.M. Grounds were Mr and Mrs Bill Shuler of Indianapolis and Mr and Mrs Alva Stierwalt of Martinsville.

**Postmaster Elmer Applegate was a visitor in Martinsville Saturday.

Gosport Junction News

Morgan Gazette; June 21 1917

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**Mrs. Oscar Whitesett and children of Millgrove spent the weekend with Mrs. Mollie Swain.

**Mrs. Chas Black and daughter, Miss Jessie visited with Mrs. Rachel Mitchell of Switz City, Wednesday night.

**Mrs. Chas Languell were the guests Sunday of Chas. Sink and family

**Miss Gloe Adkins and Miss Lucy Sink visited with Mrs. Avin Stierwalt near Whitaker, Friday.

**Mrs Mollie Swain had as her guests Thursday Mrs. Dan Smith and littler daughter; Mrs. Chas. Languell; Mrs. Frank Virts and Mrs. Elmer Lighter and Miss Gloe Adkins.

Limestone News

Morgan Gazette; June 21 1917

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**Mrs Mattie Snodgrass and Mrs. Jewel Truax were Spencer visitors Saturday.

**C.F. Haltom and Ed Truax were in Spencer from Sunday to Tuesday looking after business matters.

**Mrs. Nellie Eastes returned Sunday from a visit with a sister in Indianapolis.

**Miss Lucille Haltom was the guest of friends in Milgrove Saturday.

**Mrs. Dora Haase, of Paragon was the guest of relatives here Friday.

Whitaker News

Morgan Gazette; June 21 1917

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**Mrs. Martha Lingle visited with Becky Haase Friday.

**Mr. and Mrs. William Grounds were guests Sunday of Mr and Mrs E. O. Lingle

**John Elliot, of Paragon was looking after business interests here yesterday.

**Mrs Lillie Blackwell and Mrs. Malissa Lingle were visitors to Martinsville Thursday.

**Mrs. Dora Haase, of Paragon was the guest of relatives here Friday.

**Mrs. Grace Brasiere of Bloomington and Mrs. Ethel Chrisman of Gosport were guests of Mrs. Myrtle Brasiere Sunday afternoon.

**The Bert Ratts family visited with the Chas. Stierwalt family Sunday.

**Jerry Lingle lost a fine horse last week from lockjaw.

Mount Tabor News

Morgan Gazette; June 21 1917

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

**After a weeks visit here with her grandmother, Mrs. Emma Staley, Miss Edith Eaton returned to her home in Bloomington Sunday.

**Herman Hasket spent a part of last week here with his aunt, Mrs. Enos Carter.



Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

The old court house was sold at public auction, on Tuesday afternoon last, to Samuel D. Ruckel, for the sum of $215. This relic of the "olden times" of Morgan, within whose walls justice or in-justice, as the case may be, has been meted out ever since the establishment of the county-seat, will soon be numbered among the "things that were", as it is to be removed immediately after the adjournment of the present term of Common Pleas Court. We've no doubt that many interesting reminiscences, in connection with the old court house, could be called to mind. Won't some old resident give us a few scraps from the leaf of memory!



Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Notice is hereby given to all concerned, that as Elizabeth Bradley and myself are not living together as husband and wife, and have not for several years, I will not hold myself responsible for any debts of her contracting. Those who credit her, will do it on their own responsibility. BENJAMIN BRADLEY October 28, 1856



Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Those knowing themselves indebted to the subscriber, are requested to make immediate payment and save cost. He can be found at the office of A.S. Griggs. GEORGE F. WATTON, Martinsville, 28 October 1856



Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Those indebted to the subscriber will please make immediate payment and save cost, as he is determined to wait no longer for his dues. W.H. SAILORS



Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

THOSE indebted to Walton & Co., and all who are owing A.S. Griggs, will find their notes and accounts in the possession of the subscriber, at the room formerly occupied by John C. Phillips, where they will please call and settle -- Good paper, or gold and silver, will be not be refused. A.S. Griggs Martinsville, 23 Dec. 1857.



Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Those who intend to pay for the Gazette in wood, had better be after doing it while the roads are good. If the wood does not make it's appearance in a very short time, the cash will be required.


Gosport News; 24 Nov 1924

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

The Martinsville authorities have been advised that FAIN GRADY, who shot MISS CORA SEAMAN with intent to kill, and was committed under the indeterminate sentence act, has escaped from the reformatory at Jeffersonville. His recapture is requested



Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Two convicts, named McDonald and Hogue, escaped from the State Prison at Jeffersonville, a few days ago.


Indianapolis Star; 9 Aug 1913

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

"Several horses were killed in Morgan County, Gilbert Dorsett of Adams Township losing three, Nathan Elgin of near Martinsville, three, and Thad Gorbes of near Centerton one. Barns belonging to these men were destroyed."


Indianapolis Star; 14 May 1911

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. NcNair are home from a visit with relatives in Shelbyville.

Mr. and Mrs. Costello H. Reynolds have returned from a sojourn in Phoenix, Arizona

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Burke spent Sunday in Franklin with Mr. and Mrs. Claude Winchester.

Mrs. George Goss of St. Louis terminated a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Goss on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lemmon and daughter have come from Petersburg for residence in this city.

Mrs. Harry Bishop and son of Indianapolis spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Max Shireman.

Mrs. Catherine Woods is spending a week in Indianpolis with Mrs. J.F. Ryan and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. P. Schaecher and daughter of Indianapolis visited Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morgan on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Hollingsworth have returned to Bruceville after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Sartor.

Mrs. Edward Lauer of Madison and Miss Carrie Lustig of Columbus were week-end guests-relatives in this city.

Mrs. Charles Shireman and Miss Hazel Sireman of Indianapolis visited Charles Miller Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Hilt entertained the W.R.C. Flower Mission Saturday afternoon. The rooms were adorned with flags and spring flowers and a luncheon was served. Mrs. E. Hilt gave a reading.


Victim, About 70 Years Old, Believed to Be David W. Woods of Morgan County, Dies Instantly

Indianapolis Star; 14 September 1910

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

A man about 70 years old, supposed to be David W. Woods of Jefferson Township, Morgan County was struck and instantly killed by east East Washington street car No. 514, outbound, at Alabama and Washington streets last night about 9:30 o'clock. Motorman Elvin Johnson, 1902 Miller street, who was running the car, says the old man stepped directly in front of the car when so close it was impossible to stop. The car was one of the heavy double truck cars, equipped with air brakes. The front trucks passed over the man's body just below the lungs, almost severing the trunk. Johnson stopped the car as the rear truck ran on to the body. It was necessary to raise the car to remove the body. Eye witnesses say the old man walked north across the street and had stepped on to the south rail when the car struck him. He made no sound as he fell under the fender. His umbrella caught on the fender and remained there until removed by police. "HAD TRACTION TICKET" In his pockets were receipts given to David Woods, and dated at Martinsville at various times last year and this year. He also had a traction ticket from Indianapolis to Martinsville, and a post office money order receipt in his possession was dated there. In another pocket was a card bearing the inscription "J.N. Woods, candidate for Republican Representative". His hair was thick and white, and his beard, also heavy, was a reddish gray colar and cut square. His outer clothing was of dark material with a gray thread showing in spots. His shirt was white and had a soft collar. He carried an open-face gold watch, and a small amount of money. He had the appearance of being abounty 70 years old. He wore a black derby hat, andd in the inside leather band the letters, "T H. C." were placed. Wheelman Schlangen and Glenn investigated the accident and after hearing the statements of the witnesses, did not attach any blame to the motorman. It is said the car was going slowly, although the front trucks passed entirely over the body before they stopped. A dispatch from Martinsville last night said David W. Woods departed from his home, two and one-half miles from Martinsville, yesterday morning, signifying he would remain away two days. He is supposed to have boarded the train at Hyndsville, which is four miles from his home. The dispatch said the man was a deaf-mute. Mrs. Woods is a deaf-mute also, and was able to make herself understood only by signs. She suggested that Charles J. Woods, 630 Arbor svenue, Indianapolis, could identify the dead man. Mr. Woods said he knew a man of that description, but would not go to police headquarters last night. David Woods is a relative of John N. Woods, a retired Vigo County farmer, who is Republican candidate for the legislature.


Indianapolis Star; 4 Feb 1914

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

MARTINSVILLE - - Mrs. Clyde Hatley attempted to put out some burning lard by throwing water on it. The flames flashed in her face and she fell. Ed Reed was severly burned rescuing her


Indianapolis Star; 23 Jan 1910

Submitted by Kathy Bargerhuff

H. R. Stevens has joined the Martinsville colony of winter pleasure seekers in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Miss Grace Burton of Gosport was a weekend visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James S. Burton.

Mrs. Joseph W. Williams and son Richard are at home after a visit of two weeks in Evanston, ILL., with relatives.

Mrs. Charles S. Ashman of Frankfort, a guest of Maj. and Mrs. H.H. Woods for several days, has returned to her home.

Mr. and Mrs. Hannibsl Winters closed their home in Anderson and will occupy their home in this city until late in the spring.

Mrs. Charles S. Huff and Mrs. Gurney Maple have returned from Richmond, where they visited Mrs. B.C. Bartel and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Moorman and son William returned Monday to their home in Indianapolis after a visit of three weeks with Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt.

The C. G. Club was entertained at the home of Cary Kelso Saturday evening. A musucale was followed by a four-course supper. The host was assisted by his mother, Mrs. George F. Kelso

Morgan County Underground Railroad

Meeting Postponed

Martinsville Democrat; July 9, 1926; page 1

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

The public meeting which was to have been held in the court house on Thursday night July 8 for the purpose of presenting the citizen's side ofthe telephone question before the public service commission has been postponed. Future date will be announced later.

Ha!Ha! Ben Turpin Is a Bartender in "Steel Preferred"

Martinsville Democrat; July 9, 1926; page 1

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

Ben Turpin-Ha, Ha, we know you'll laugh appears in the role of a bartender in "Steel Prefered" a Metropolitan production which will be the feature at the Grace Theatre next Friday.

The celebrated screen comedian augments a rather imposing cast of screen players among whom Vera Reynolds, William Boyd, Hobart Bosworth, and Charlie Murray are featured and Walter Long, William V. Mong, Helene Sullivan and Nigel Barrie.

The "Steel Preffered" unit traveled across the continent from Hollywood CA to Pittsburgh PA for the mill interiors and their joint efforts while on this location will startle the photoplay world. James Hogan directed the picture which is said to be one of the finest comedy-dramas produced in this season. The action is swift and there are many laughs.

Martinsville Democrat

All the following articles are from "Martinsville Democrat" December 28, 1893

Submitted by Debbie Jennings

P.S. Hodges and wife were visiting the former's brother, Joe Hodges and family west of here, Sunday.

D.F. Collier who has been taking treatment at the Barnard sanitarium reports that he has been greatly benefited by the water.

James Voshell who is attending school at Bloomington will spend the holidays with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs Voshell, north of here.

"The Peak Sisters", a drama played by the students of the third and fourth rooms, Saturday night, was a great hit. The proceeds which amounted to over fourteen dollars will go on a library.

A freight train drawn by engine No. 523, was badly wrecked two miles west of here about 3 o'clock Saturday morning. The engine and five cars went into the ditch. Almost immediately the wreck caught fire and the cars, which were loaded with merchandise and holiday goods were a total loss. The engineer and fireman barely escaped with their lives by jumping. The damage of the wreck was caused by running over a horse is estimated at $25,000.00

Little Point

Professor John Donaldson of the Terre Haute city schools is visiting his sister, Mrs. James H. Smith, east of this place during his vacation from school.

The Christmas tree at Lake Valley on last Saturday night was a howling success so far as attendance was concerned and many presents were distributed among the people of that place.

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