Letters From
The Past

Do you have any letters from the past that you could contribute to this section? Perhaps letters home from the war? or anywhere for that matter? This are such wonderful sources to view life as it really was. Please submit them to me. I will post some of my own on here later today. I look forward to your submissions!!

This page last updated September 27, 2005

Sarah Hubbard Page 1- 1915

Sarah Hubbard Page 2- 1915

Sarah Hubbard to Daughter Page 1- 1915

Sarah Hubbard to Daughter Page 2-1915

Sarah Hubbard to Daughter Page 3- 1915

Sarah HubbardPost Office Letter- October 1915

From Stella (Sharr) Thompson to Ada (Thomas) Harris-- March 23, 1909

George W. Hardin regarding Margaret Asher Marriage-- May 15, 1846

Commissioner of Pensions regarding Samuel Dean-- July 27, 1846

From John Hurt to Hannah and Lizey Hurt-- October 6th 1858

From Hannah Costner to Mary E. Goss-July 7 1863

From granddaughter of Nathan and Martha (Goss) Farr

From Joseph Ephraim Goss to Joseph Goss Arnold-April 24, 1845

From Joel Dillon regarding his son's church in Kansas-August 9, 1887

From William Trent to brother John Wesley Trent--July 29, 1889

From Susan Spielman to uncle, Issac Needy--July 4, 1854

Diary of a Young Girl--1883/1884

CW Letters from John Dean Aug 1861-Feb 1862