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This page last updated February 8, 2015

Researching is a great hobby and for some of us, an obsession. With this researching we most frequently work with the "who" "when" and "where". It also helps quite frequently to have a fair sprinkling of "how". So with this in mind, I have decided to create a section containing various researching tips to cover all areas of researching from the acquiring of data to storing of data. I am pulling these from various sources; some I have found on the internet and will note the sources and others I have developed myself as the most convenient and usable way. This will be an ongoing project, with entries some weeks and none other weeks, depending on what I find useful. I am hoping that everyone will come to think of it as a "Genealogy Library" of sorts for their own references. I encourage everyone to send in any tips/hints that they have found useful or have developed and use. Please include your name for credit. I also would be interested to hear from everyone with your opinion of the usefulness of this new section.

On a Shoestring

An Effective Posting

Organizing Your Mail

Non Connecting Files

Notebooks, Papers, Filing Cabinets

Second Time Around

Legends-Fact or Fiction

Taking a Tape Recorder

Don't Wait, They Won't

Spelling Doesn't Always Count

Using Obituaries

Current History

What Happens After You are Gone

Using Census Records

Probate Records

Photo Project

Door One, Two or Three

Cemeteries Can Be Fun

Mortality Schedules

1840 Pensioners Census

Taint Necessarily So

Gospel According to the Gullible

How Much To Give?

Social Security Database as Resource

But They All Have the Same Name

Grab Bag Special

Protect Your Investment

Researching or Recycling?

A New Family Tradition

A New Christmas Idea

Important Papers.. versus just junk

Don't Depend on Memory

Consider the Neighbors

When Someone is Generous

Citing Your Sources

What About the Bad Stuff?

Do you know your Ancestors? Or Just Date Them?

Privatize Your Files !!

Gathering Your Stockpile for the Winter

Don't Loose Important Identities

Getting It All Together

Yours, Mine and Ours?

Better off, Not Done

I Brake for Cemeteries

Publishing Tip #1- So..You Want to Write a Book

Publishing Tip #2- Chapter Formatting

Publishing Tip #3- Bibliography & Sources

The Sound of Their Voice

Blanket Research

Scary Prospect

Changing Records

Researching Etiquette

Share & Share Alike

Planning Your Genealogy Garden

Browsing Opportunities

Where There's A Will...

Planning Your Trip

County History Books Beware

You Must Use Tweezers, Not a Net

Vivid Imaginations

Glad I Wasn't Stupid

Points to Ponder

Cracks in the Census

Before It's Too Late

The Traveling Pack

Words to the Wise

Suspicions Become Reality

What you Deserve

Get the Whole Picture

What's So Great about the 1940 census?

Wintertime Research

The Best Made Plans


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