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Some of our fondest memories are centered in the kitchen. The smell of biscuits in the morning or cornbread at night. The pie fresh out of the oven or Mom setting the dinner table. In the corners of our mind we all have a favorite memory or recipe.


Please share with us your favorite recipe from home. Include with it the surnames you are researching and what makes this recipe so special.

Although NOT a recipe, this piece seemed to belong on this page. It was submitted by Vickie Stevens.

Grandmother's Apron

Real Fried Chicken  Paw Paw Pie  Cooked Apples 
Soothing Salve    Grandma's Meatloaf Shoo Fly Pie
Corn Relish Vegetable Relish Sourdough Starter    
Sourdough Biscuits Green Tomato Relish Chow Chow    
Scrapple Souse Soft Molasses Cookies    
Buttermilk Dumplings Dandelion Wine Au Gratin Potatoes    
Old Fashioned Bean Soup Geneva Pudding Salmon Fish Balls    
Opera Creams Sheep Brains Muscadine Jelly    
Buckwheat Cakes Carrot Croquettes Chicken Griddle Cakes    


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