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My name is Debbie Jennings  and I am the owner and creator of this Sweet Owen website. This site is not meant to replace any of the Genweb sites, but is an independent creation of my own. I felt there was a definite gap in the available raw data for these areas. I hope you enjoy your visit and stop back often. I welcome any & all contributions of data.

FYI-- Although I will continue to collect and publish data for this site that pertains to the Morgan County areas, I will not be maintaining the website for the Morgan County Historical Society any longer. It was felt that what I had there was not adequate. Oddly though there have been no changes on their pages, and much of the data is what I placed there. But there is no notification that I am not associated with it anymore. I will accept items for Morgan County always, but not for the Society pages.

    New Data Added on September 9 , 2016 -

New Owen Surname- Wood New Owen Surname- Biddle New Owen Surname-Close Obit-Richard "Dick" Carter
Obit-Carl Lockhart Obit-James Grimsley Obit-Pavil Wilson Insanity Chart 1864-1889
Suicide- Metta Hilburn 1949 Murder by Wm Wagoner 1891 Wagoner Attempted Suicide 1899 Newsclipping- Phil Anderson Loses Hand 1882
Newsclipping- Wingfield--Barker Marriage 1892 Newsclipping-Bell Telephone Improves 1910 Farmers Supply Business 1916 Newsclipping-Stella Drescher visits mother 1908
Honor Wall Entry-Deidre Woods Honor Wall Entry- Peggy Fox Email Changes--Hubbell & Carter Addition to Shouse Cemetery- Henry Arney
Newsclipping-Dean--Damar Marriage 1925 Newsclipping-Chambers--Gilmore Marriage 1925 Newsclipping-Cassidy--Dolb Marriage 1925 Newsclipping- Nees--Shefferman Marriage 1899
Obit-Melcancthon Lautenschlager 1932 Obit-Margaret (Wiley) White 1899 Newsclipping-Michael Carmicello Died at Quarrry 1899 Newsclipping- Felix Badger dies in Runaway 1896
Newsclipping-Tivoli Restoration 1974 Newsclipping-Elven Speas Sells Property Newsclipping-Dunn Dances Nude New Church Members White Bethel M.E.
New Occupation-Druggist New Email Address-Pete Ross

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